Memeboxes of Interest

It’s funny, I have only been blogging on here for a couple of days but I just want to be writing here all of the time! Since I feel like writing all of the time, I am going to let you know which Memeboxes are currently available that I find interesting and you might too!

All pictures and descriptions contained in this blog are from and I do not claim that they are my own. I only want to provide the pictures in case it helps anyone with their opinion on the boxes. All opinions here are my own and although I probably will not buy most of these boxes (my bank account won’t let me at the moment, I do find them interesting!

If you have any interest in purchasing these boxes, you are welcome to do so using my affiliate link certainly do not have to use this link if you do not want to.


#59 Scrub 2 ($23 plus shipping – ships November 21)

If you liked our first Scrub Box, you’re definitely in for a treat with this Scrub Box #2! Polish,  retexturize, and resurface the skin by blasting away debris on the skin’s surface for a head-to-toe glow! Once the surface of the skin is polished and renewed, the skin will be ready to soak up more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, and lock in moisture for younger, smoother, and more radiant skin!  

Scrub-a-dub-dub deep down into the skin to get that lit-from-within, rosy glow!

In this world of ever-changing beauty trends, it’s nice to know that clean, supple, and glowing skin will always be “in!”

I really love scrubs so this box definitely appeals to me. I have seen unboxings of the first Scrub Box and it was definitely interesting! I have 7 boxes ordered at the moment though so I am on a bit of a spending ban.

mask#71 Wish Upon A Mask ($23 plus shipping – ships December 10)

When skin doesn’t look as good as you want it to, wish upon a mask for blissful skin happiness!

You can do the A to Z of skin care perfect skin, but one really good facial mask can do all that, in just 10 minutes! When skin gets flushed, cracked, or looks not-so-good, these masks do a blockbuster job of transforming dull, dry, and flakey skin into some sort of smooth radiant miracle. Sure you look stupid for maybe…10 minutes? but hey, it’s like having a luxurious facial in your own bathroom! We say it’s totally worth it!

Try our top mask picks, brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, for an extraordinary skin makeover!

I also really love masks so this is another one that seems great to me. This is the 7th edition of the Mask Box so I would hope they aren’t running out of ideas or products to use but regardless, this definitely would be a fun box to dive into!


#77 Foot Therapy ($23 plus shipping – ships November 6)

The cold season arrives with comfy sweaters, camel-colored trench coats, beautiful autumn trees and snug boots, but with all these fall and winter delights also comes dehydrated feet and cracked soles! Our feet are affected by the cold weather harshness as we let our foot care routine lapse during the colder months, just bundling them up with fluffy socks and snuggly boot. Feet become calloused, rough, and dry, with skin flaking off with each touch. Totally embarrassing.  Take this chance to slough away foot imperfections and drench feet with skin-loving foot therapy products that will get your feet baby-smooth and totally renewed. 

Living in Canada, the cold is definitely something I battle for a large part of the year. My feet are often dry and embarrassing so this is something that would be great to try! Especially since it doesn’t ship until November so it would be getting to you right in time to start some winter foot therapy!


#79 Oh! My Lips ($23 plus shipping – ships December 8)

Oh my lips! The colder season is comin’ round the corner, but are your lips ready?

Cracked, blistered, and dry lips were never hot in beauty history, (and never hot in your love life!) so do you have all the lip essentials to keep your kisser nice and smooth this winter?

If taking care of your lips isn’t part of your beauty to-do list this winter, re-think your beauty priorities. Most people don’t know, but collagen loss and wrinkles around the lips add ages to your face, and with winter winds and drier climate, lips are more prone to aging and thinning. Scared yet? Don’t fret because we’re here to help you fight against lip-aging with this Oh! My Lips Box. Bursting with lip masks, lip patches, lip balm, and lip-thingamabobs, plus some holy-grail lips colors, this box is the answer to all your winter lip problems. All goodies are made with a bold blend of potent age-delaying, moisture-enhancing, volumizing, and smoothing ingredients to give you the look of beautiful, plump, and youthful lips!

I have had a recent obsession with lip products so this box is another super tempting one! I would love it more if it was more focused towards lip colours and less so towards clear balms and things like that. I can’t wait to see peoples unboxings to see what this one has in it!

Gosh, can’t I just win the lottery so I can buy ALL of the boxes haha. There are so many that I want to try but just can’t at the moment. One day I will buy more but I need to at least get some of the ones I have ordered before I fork over any more money. Below are some of the checkout codes you can use to save some money on your order!

Offer Codes Valid Until October 30 2014

$5 off on orders of $100 or more : AFFILIATE-4620-QV2YC-JVVF

$10 off on orders of $150 or more: AFFILIATE-2330-XLATE-ZHHB

xo Amanda

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