Indulge Me Box

As a Canadian, it really excites me to see Canadian subscription boxes on the market. I have only tried one so far and it hasn’t been my favourite. However, today I found postings about a new Canadian subscription service that seems pretty exciting!

The box is called the Indulge Me Box and it is based out of Montreal. This box is $20 a month and is supposed to contain a mix of makeup, skin care, accessories, and other surprise items. If you live in the US and would like to get this box, you can, but you must pay an extra fee for shipping. Shipping to Canadians is included in the price of the box which is great!

The inaugural box will be shipping out any day now and it is the November box. I have seen some sneak peeks of this box and it looks like it includes a mix of well known brands as well as local Canadian companies which I absolutely love!

From other posts that I have seen, the creator of Indulge Me Box is very good at communicating with customers when she is contacted but also through blog posts and other social media. It really seems like this will be a box that tries to make its customers happy so I am excited to see the things that are included in future boxes.

I signed up to receive the December box (the next available one) which means that I will be billed November 15. I like this because if my recurring billing time was now, I would be paying for my January box before I even receive my December box.

There is a spoiler on the website for the December box which is kind of what pushed me to try this box out. I won’t post what it is here in case anyone wants to sign up and doesn’t want spoilers. I completely understand this because I usually try and avoid them myself. If you would like to take a look at what this box is all about, you can find them at or you can check them out on their facebook or twitter.

If you decide to sign up for this box, let me know! I am curious about how popular this box will be and what people think of it 🙂

xo Amanda

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