Newly Released Memeboxes: October 27 2014

So once again I received the email saying that there were newly released Memeboxes. “Goodness gracious” is what I can hear my bank account groaning. I hear this groan every time I get one of these Memebox emails because I have to think “what am I going to want to buy this time?”

I think that I am going to try and resist these boxes, at least until I get some of my already ordered boxes in the mail. I wanted to let you know what was released though because these boxes may be something that you can’t resist!

#78 Hot & Cool Cosmetics ($29 plus shipping- ships December 18)

Hot & Cool Cosmetics

As Katy Perry puts it, we’ve “got a case of beauty bi-polar.”

For those of us who are as fickle as a pickle and “change our mind like a girl changes clothes,” Memebox presents the dynamic Hot & Cool Cosmetics box. This box is packed with a double dose of mega-beauty – heating and cooling cosmetics – to treat and care for skin, body, and hair.

Steam and heat technology provides gentle all-around care by cleansing clogged pores, exfoliating the skin, providing deep nourishment to damaged hair, and helping the body beat bloat. Cooling cosmetics are enriched with crisp and fresh ingredients that minimize the look of enlarged pores, revitalize exhausted and dull skin, and deliver a refreshing punch of cool beauty.

Grab this box because when “you’re hot and then cold,”

You’re yes then you’re still yes.

To be honest, I am a little confused about the price of this one. The listed price on the Memebox page is $29 but if you actually go into the page and look at it, it shows that it is $35.99. I am going to look into this a little more for you to find out. This may already include the $6.99 for shipping…

The box itself is a very appealing concept. I know that Memebox has done a cooling box before but I don’t remember seeing anything heat/steam related so that would be really cool! If this is still available, I may look into it a little bit later.

#79 Garden of Eden ($29 plus shipping- ships December 18)

Garden of Eden

Your skin will revel in pure joy with nature’s beauty recipe for a beautiful, more gorgeous you!

On the surface of it all, your skin-care regimen may seem perfectly honest, strict, and even squeaky clean.

But did you know? Many of the your most common skin care habits are actually hostile to the skin, stripping the skin of essential natural oils, vitamins, and minerals. In the end, your skin is far from the clear, radiant and glowing skin that you crave. But, fret no more because, this box, made with the finest quality natural ingredients that you’d find in the magical Garden of Eden will give you that lit-from-within glow that is reminiscent of a goddess! If you can afford to hire a professional lighting team to follow you around 24/7, go ahead, but we’ve found a more practical (and affordable!) way to give you clearer, brighter, and more healthy complexion!

This box has the same confusing pricing situation as the Hot & Cool Cosmetics box does. I think I am going to email Memebox to see what the actual price is because I don’t want to tell you the wrong price if it is actually higher than what is listed.

I think that for people who really like skin care products, this will probably be a really awesome box! I mean if they are going to use the word “goddess” to describe what you will look like, they have too make it good. Right? I look forward to seeing what will come in this box.

Update: The Garden of Eden box now has the $29 price on both parts so this should be the correct price.

*You are able to do a value set of the Hot & Cool Cosmetics and Garden of Eden boxes. These value sets are great because you only have to pay one shipping cost for both boxes and they automatically upgrade you to express shipping. Express shipping for $6.99 for two boxes, thats great!

Lucky Box #12-14 ($69 plus shipping- #12 ships December 24, #13 ships January 24, #14 ships February 24)

Lucky Box 12-14

Love our Luckyboxes? Then get excited for this Luckybox Bundle Series, which includes Luckyboxes #12, #13 and #14!

Be sure to check out our new shipping offers where you only pay the one-time shipping charge of $6.99-already included in the purchase price-and the shipping charges for the remaining 2 boxes will be on us!

Get your hands on the LUCKYBundle that you’ve all been anticipating and be the first to check out the latest beauty trends from Korea. Pre-order your LUCKYBundle before they sell out! Limited quanitites only, so get your hands on them now!

For those who don’t know, the Luckyboxes are a collection of products that have been really popular from past boxes. This bundle includes 3 boxes that ship at separate dates, each a month apart from the previous. The good thing about this bundle is that you only pay one shipping cost and the other boxes are shipped to you for free (or as my Dad would say, “included in the price”). Unlike some bundles, you do not get a free upgrade to express shipping but this is still a good deal!

Let me know which of these boxes (or other ones still available) interest you!

If you would like to purchase anything from Memebox using my affiliate link, you can do so here:

Offer Codes Valid Until October 30 2014

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Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING 

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: All pictures and descriptions contained in this blog are from and I do not claim that they are my own. I only want to provide the pictures in case it helps anyone with their opinion on the boxes. All opinions here are my own and although I probably will not buy most of these boxes (my bank account won’t let me at the moment, I do find them interesting

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2 thoughts on “Newly Released Memeboxes: October 27 2014

  1. hi! Found you via OM Meet & Greet!
    Have been thinking about ordering a Meme box, but haven’t done so as I’m allergic to a lot of products…Our local Korean supermarket is now starting to sell more Korean make up products, so maybe I will have a look there instead…


    • Hi! I’m so glad you decided to check my page out, I appreciate that!

      It’s too bad you are allergic 😦 Definitely better to be safe than sorry though. Is it more skincare kinds of products that you are allergic too?


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