I Finally Jumped on the Scentsy Bandwagon

If there is one thing that I really love, it is fragrance for both myself and my house. I am obsessed with bath products, perfume oils, and most of all, candles. I have been eyeing up Scentsy products for a long time now. Probably close to a year actually and I couldn’t take the plunge. That was until I got my Third Time’s the Charm collection from Fortune Cookie Soap.

This collection came with a wax tart and I thought to myself, “if I have this wax tart, I might as well buy a warmer so it doesn’t go to waste!” That was just the beginning. My next thought was, “well, I am already ordering a warmer from Scentsy, I might as well order a couple scent bars to see how they are.” I justified it to myself by only picking up one warmer and two scent bars, and they were all on sale. What a frugal shopper I am!

Or what a frugal shopper I was…they released some of the holiday warmers. It’s like this little voice in my head just yells at me “SHOP! YOU NEED TO SHOP!!”. I tend to agree with the little voice and here we are. I guess if I didn’t agree with it though, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

After I started looking at the adorable holiday warmers, I found a Christmas warmer that was in the closeout section and for the price, I just had to have it. So this review will be looking at the two warmers I got, the three Scentsy scent bars I got and then also the Fortune Cookie Soap wax tart as well.

Just a quick note about Scentsy for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. Scentsy is a company that sells wax tarts, wax warmers, and other fragranced products. Wax warmers use either a heating element or a low watt lightbulb to welt the wax which throws the scent into your home. The wax can be reused several times before you need anymore so really it is more cost effective and safe than burning candles. You do need to purchase Scentsy products through a consultant but if you are okay with paying shipping, you can order it directly from their website. If not, you can go through the consultant themselves who can often get you free shipping by adding your order to an already open order.

All opinions expressed are my own. I am not affiliated with Scentsy in any way and have purchased all products with my own money. All pictures in this post are my own but descriptions of each product come from the Scentsy website.

Hatteras Scentsy Warmer Deluxe $28.80 (regular $36)

“Hatteras features classic coastal details and a matte faux-stone finish the colour of pebbles found on the beach”


There were a couple of reasons I chose this particular warmer. First of all, the price was great. I hate that it comes down to money but I did not want to invest a ton of money in case I didn’t really like it. Second was the size. There are mid-size and full-size warmers and I did not want a warmer that was too huge for use in my bedroom. The Hatteras warmer is a mid-size warmer and so this is another reason that I chose it. Third, it is just cute! The colour of my bedroom walls is a kind of tropical blue and I thought that the nautical look of this warmer would really work with my room. I love it!

Holiday Lights Scentsy Warmer Premium $25.20 (regular $42)

“Bring the cheer and anticipation of the season home with Holiday Lights, a homey warmer spangled with old-fashioned Christmas bulbs. Each light glows from within when the warmer is lit, contrasting with the deep red-finish”


I absolutely fell in love with this warmer when I saw it online. The holiday lights are so cute and the red finish is absolutely beautiful. When I googled pictures of it to see it lit up, I saw how gorgeous it looked with each individual Christmas light lit up. When I saw that it was on sale for $25.20, I HAD to snatch it up before it was gone. I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t purchase this one. I think that even when it is not lit up, it will make a gorgeous Christmas decoration. This particular warmer is a full-size so I may use it in the living room where there is more space to scent but I am selfish so who knows, it may stay up with me! I would definitely recommend this warmer to anyone who loves adorable stuff!

Scent Bars


Most Scentsy scent bars sell for $6 but you can get some on closeout and you can save some money by buying bundles of the bars. From what I have read, the scent bars lasting time will vary depending on the scent but each whole bar should last 64-192 hours. Obviously this is a big range but it definitely would depend on the scent and formula of each bar!

Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar $4.80 (regular $6)

“Pure white, wild gardenia- a sumptuously luxurious floral with a sheen of coconut”

IMG_20141027_140426IMG_20141027_140502Tiare Maohi melted

Out of the three Scentsy bars I got, this was probably my least favourite scent. This does not mean that I didn’t like it, because I definitely do, I just prefer the other two I got. This is a nice, clean floral scent. I don’t really smell the coconut in it, but the floral is nice and fresh. This was the first cube that I melted and I found that it took about 30 minutes to fully melt. When melted, it is a yellow-ish clear colour.

I like to check with my Dad on things like this. Strong scents (mostly from candles) tend to bother his sinuses and give him headaches. Often when I am burning candles, my parents will close their door because the scent is strong and it makes me feel bad. While this was melting, I checked with him and he said not only was he not bothered by it, he didn’t even know I had it melting. This is great because I want the scent for my own room and it won’t bother him at all. Definite win!

This was on closeout because it is from the spring/summer catalogue. It definitely is not a fall scent but who says we need to only burn certain smells in the fall? I guess I am going against the grain on that one. I definitely look forward to melting this more in the future. Maybe it will perk me up with thoughts of a nice spring day when it is a blizzard outside this winter.

Luna Scentsy Bar $6

“White florals- jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia- juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight”

IMG_20141027_140530IMG_20141027_140549Luna melted

I was given this scent bar by my consultant as an extra so I could try the scent out. From the scent description, it sounded nice but it wasn’t anything that I would probably have been dying to try. This would have been a mistake. I am so glad that I get to try this scent out because it is just delightful!

This one took the longest of the Scentsy bars to melt, at just over 40 minutes. It’s not too bad for any of them. I just like to know how long it takes because sometimes I like to burn candles/melt wax while I get ready. With candles, I don’t like to burn them unless they can get an even melt so that it doesn’t burn like a nightmare later on. I’m sure it doesn’t matter with the wax but I am a creature of habit.

This was definitely the strongest smelling bar while it was melting. I feel like I smell the berries more than anything else. It almost has a berry-ish soapy kind of smell. I don’t mean this in a bad way, it is definitely pleasant. It melted out to a pretty blue colour that matched well with the warmer (not that it really matters if it matches or not).

Posy Peach Scentsy Bar $4.80 (regular $6)

“Fuzzy ripe peach balanced by green, tender tendrils of violet leaf in a fragrance that hints at lazy summer days”


This is by far my favourite of the bunch and I knew it would be! This was the first closeout scent bar description that I even read and I knew I had to have it! I am obsessed with all things peach so this caught my eye right away. I love the colour of this bar too, it is so summery to me which I love, despite the fact that it’s fall.

This one took a little longer to melt than the Tiare Maohi at about 35-40 minutes. The scent is pretty faint but definitely peachy and I really like it. Once again, my Dad wasn’t bothered by the smell which is nice, although I do wish it was a smidge stronger. It melted out to a nice peachy orange colour that definitely seemed spring or summerish.

I definitely look forward to melting this one more in the future!

Fortune Cookie Soap Inferno Room Wax Tart ($2)

“Welcome to the Inferno Room, the hottest adult playground around”

Inferno RoomInferno Room melted

Here we are, the wax tart that started this whole craze in the first place. This wax tart from FCS is described as smelling like “smouldering cinnamon candy.”

Unlike Scentsy, FCS sells their wax tarts in one piece that can definitely be broken up to use in your warmer. They sell their wax tarts in a wide variety of their scents and can be purchased for either $2 each or 3 for $5.

I found that breaking this tart up into smaller pieces for use was a bit messy so I will need to find a better way of doing that. This one took about 50 minutes to melt but that may be because I broke it up myself so the piece did seem a bit bigger than the Scentsy pieces I used.

It melted out into a beautiful pinky red colour. Unfortunately, the scent on this one was not too noticeable. When I put my face right up to the warmer I can smell a slight cinnamon soap kind of scent but nothing really strong. However, I didn’t really notice too much of a scent when it was just in the container either. I am a little bit disappointed with this one but they can’t all be winners. I know I will try other scents from FCS because there are so many options and there are scents I already know that I love.

Overall I have had a good first experience with wax tarts/scent bars and my Scentsy warmer. I have only been burning things in my Hatteras warmer at the moment because I am a strong believer in waiting until December 1 to bring out the Christmas stuff. Even if it is eating away at my soul a little bit to not be able to use that stunning Holiday Lights warmer. I may post more about various scents that I purchase (or warmers if I have no willpower at all) so stay tuned!

xo Amanda

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