Why I Blog…

Why do I blog? I suppose there are several answers to that question. 18 months ago I finished my second university degree and discovered that I had to be a real(ish) grown up. I had to start paying back all of that money I had borrowed that at the time seemed so abstract to me. I was still working at my job I had through university and I managed to get onto a school board as a supply teacher (high five Amanda!). That’s not always an easy feat here in Ontario.

The sad realization was that while paying back all of this money, I wouldn’t have very much fun money. However, I started to become very interested in all kinds of subscription services that I saw online. “Sure, I can afford all of this stuff, no problem!” That’s what I told myself, and will continue to tell myself!

When my packages started coming in I was thrilled. I would talk on and on about the things I got and how cool it was. I started writing in a notebook and would keep track of the things I got and how much they were worth. Then I realized that most of the people I rambled on to about this stuff didn’t necessarily care all that much. Bummer! If you know me in real life, you will know that I am a talker. So wanting to talk about something and not having a venue to talk within is tricky for me. Then, I remembered something!

When I was looking into all of these subscription services, I was constantly reading blogs about what people were getting and what they thought of them. Many of these blogs helped me to decide to take the shopping plunge. Hmm…if they can help me make decisions, and I want a place to talk about my experiences within, maybe blogging could be my solution! So here we are. Not very far into the blogging experience but enjoying it none the less.

I understand that my opinions are my own and everyone will experience things differently, but that is half of the fun! As a teacher, I love being involved in interesting and challenging discussion. I would love for people who are as involved in the subscription box/shopping/beauty world to discuss their opinions with me. I would also love to see how these opinions vary with people around the world.

If you are interested in hearing the things I have to say and chatting with me about them than I encourage you to do so! I certainly won’t bite and would love to meet the people who are reading my words!

xo Amanda

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