Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood


Okay, so this is the box that I was super excited about! This is Superbox #84 Skinfood and I bought it in a bundle with The Face Shop box. Here is the description:

“Didja hear? Skinfood is finally here at Memebox! We are so excited to bring you our first ever Skinfood box. Skinfood is the first ever Korean cosmetics brand to emphasize the importance of “feeding” the skin! Skinfood travels all over the world to find the highest quality ingredients to bring you first class cosmetics and skin care! All cosmetics are infused with a healthy blend of fruits, veggies, and your delicious treats to enhance your natural beauty. This box is brimming with a delicious mix of Skinfood’s skin care and makeup to give you a beauty blast!”

The bundle of these two boxes was $58 and it came with $6.99 shipping that was upgraded to express shipping which was great. It shipped from Seoul on October 29 and it got to me today which is November 5. That is pretty good if you ask me.

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Sometimes if boxes are due to ship at the same time, they will have bundles so that there is only one shipping cost.

Box Comparison

Here is just a comparison to show the difference in size between the Skinfood box (top) and The Face Shop box (bottom). The products in this box were much larger but that is due to the types of products they were.

Skinfood Box Open

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Once again it is important to remember that the Superboxes contain all full sized products. Alright, let’s see what we’ve got!

          admin-ajax (2)admin-ajax (3)

Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Cream 75 g ($13)

Quench thirst by delivering a richly nutritious blend of Vitamin C complex and Alaska glacier water deep into the skin. The Vitamin C complex contains extracts from raspberry, acaį berry, cranberry, and strawberry and works to replenish healthy energy to dehydrated, dulled complexion.

How to Use: Apply directly to clean face and let it absorb. It’s recommended to be refrigerated for better moisturizing and soothing results. It can also be used as a hydrating pack by applying thicker amount of the cream.

I am absolutely obsessed with this jar! I think that once this product is gone, I am going to wash the jar out and keep it for something else because it is just beautiful! The consistency of this is thin so a little goes a long way. Just from the feel of it I could definitely see how putting this in the fridge would make it super refreshing and soothing. The scent this has is just a mild lotion kind of scent. Nothing offensive so that is nice. Now I have 2 new pots of moisturizer, I won’t need to buy any for quite awhile.

admin-ajax (4)admin-ajax (5)

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 100g ($9)

An effective facial exfoliator rich in various minerals and vitamins. Use occasionally to cleanse away excessive dead skin cells, oil, and skin impurities piling up in the pores to make skin sensitive and troublesome. It’ll bring back healthy radiance and suppleness to skin with just a single use.

How to Use: Spread the formula evenly over wet face after cleansing and gently massage into skin. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

I am excited about this one. I love sugar scrubs and this one has a lemony (almost like lemon cleaner) scent that I really enjoy. There isn’t a ton of product in this container but a little bit may go a long way. I am a little concerned that this may be a little too rough for your face but I am willing to give it a try. If I find that it is, I will definitely use it on my body anyways.

admin-ajax (6)

Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam 200 ml ($13)

Abundant, meringue-like fine bubbles penetrate deep into skin without irritating or dehydrating the skin texture. Highly recommended for weak and sensitive oily skin types.

So this is a cleanser which is awesome because I just ran out of my cleanser. I didn’t buy a new one because I was hoping to get it in one of these boxes. There is something about this product that I can’t get over, it has had me laughing since I read it. The back of the bottle is mostly Korean and just instructions but at the top it says “For skin as smooth as a boiled egg!” Just hilarious, I have never thought to myself “hey, I wish my skin was smooth like a boiled egg.” Maybe I am the only one that finds this funny.

Anyways, when I pumped this cleanser out, it was a little tough to get it moving through the pump. However, it is a nice, light foam that has little to no scent and I think this will be great as a daily cleanser!

admin-ajax (7)

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner 180 ml ($17)

A premium Tomato Whitening Toner made from sun-ripe tomato extracts and Vitamin C complex to make skin brighter, clearer, and suppler.

I am very happy to have gotten a toner because I haven’t been using one for quite awhile but I have been wanting to get back into it. To be honest, whitening products make me super nervous. I am so white as it is, if I get any whiter I may be see through. I am hoping that the whitening just means that it will make my face brighter.

           admin-ajax (8)admin-ajax (9) admin-ajax (10)

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake 4g ($5)

Formulated with cacao extracts, this Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake carries two naturally blending grey, khaki, or brown shades for shaping and defining fine arches with an easy sweep.

Alright, I have to be honest, reading the colour choices for this eyebrow powder scared me. There were two options and they were 01 Grey Khaki Black, and 02 Grey Brown. I am blonde so all of those colours sounded bad. I was hoping for the Grey Brown because I do tend to go with a taupe brown kind of colour for my brows. Also, the fact that black was in the first one was just terrifying. I got lucky and did get 02 Grey Brown!

When I opened it up and swatched them, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. The first colour is a brownish colour with almost a red kind of tint to it. The second colour is a darker brown with a grey tint to it. I think I can definitely make these work so I am relieved.

Overall, I am really happy with this box! For this box I paid $29 and the total retail value of the items is $57. Much like with The Food Shop box, the overall retail value isn’t super high like I have seen with some other boxes from Memebox. However, I will use all of the products in this box so I am glad that I got it! I have another box shipping November 11 and I can’t wait because these boxes were so great for me!

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xo Amanda

Disclaimer: The box picture and product descriptions contained in this blog are from or the product card and I do not claim that they are my own. All other pictures are my own I only want to provide the pictures in case it helps anyone with their opinion on the boxes. All boxes are purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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