Beauty Joy Box November 2014

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Ever since I have gotten into subscription boxes, I have wished I could start with  company from their first box. I’m not sure why, probably to see the progression of box quality over time. I can now say that this is something I have done with the Beauty Joy Box. The November 2014 is their “grand opening” box and I am very excited to have gotten it!

The cost of this box is $15 a month with free shipping within the US. There is an extra $5 shipping fee to Canada and $10 to ship internationally. Each box ships on the 15th of the month so for those of us in Canada, that means receiving it relatively late in the month (November 24 for this particular month). Each box comes with 1 jewelry item, 1 full sized beauty item and 2-3 deluxe sized samples.

Sorry for the terrible lighting, it was a dark and gloomy day but I was too impatient to wait to open the box and take the photos.

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The presentation of this box was beautiful! Just the little touches like the bow on the outside of the box and the tissue paper and ribbon inside make it so nice!

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Alright, let’s get started and see what all this great stuff is!

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Handmade Bangle Bracelet with Silver European Beads ($15)

No two are alike, each bracelet is unique and special, just like you!

I think the idea behind this is great. The fact that every subscriber got a different bracelet is so cute to me! When I was subscribing, it was the jewelry that really sold me on the idea because I don’t have much jewelry in my collection. I am really happy to get a bracelet because I never buy them. While looking at reviews, there were some colours that I found even cuter than mine but I do really like this! I can’t wait to go out with some friends so I can wear it.

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Korres Volcanic Mineral Mascara in Obsidian Black ($20)

The blackest, black mascara derived from volcanic soil that increases lash volume by 600 percent.

600 percent is a huge claim! I’m not sure if it will live up to it or not. Korres was our spoiler brand for this month and it is a brand I have never tried before but I am excited to! I only just opened up an Eyeko mascara so I will keep this one sealed up so that it doesn’t expire before I can actually use it.

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Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques in Embrace the Lace ($10.25)

One-step nail art looks for intricate, multi-dimensional, spectacularly ornate caviar nails.

I am so excited that I got these! I have been eyeing up the Essie nail strips for a long time but have never settled on a pattern that I liked enough to spend more than $10 on. From what I can tell, Beauty Joy sent out different patterns for this product so the one you got was just random. I am happy with what I got though! I have been into nude nail looks at the moment so I think this will be very nice. In the past, I haven’t been the best at applying nail strips though so here’s hoping I don’t screw it up!

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Avene Cleansing Cream ($2)

A hydrating cleansing cream made with French thermal water to soothe the skin.

Now, one thing I would like to comment on this about is the boxes that were sent out for review. In some of those reviews, this looked like it was both a different cream, and it was double the size of the one that I got. I am hoping that Beauty Joy isn’t sending out “better” products for reviewers than for the people purchasing the box. That being said, the owners have been very forthcoming about the box and seem like they want to do a great job with their boxes so I trust that they are being honest about it.

I have seen people get Avene products before in other subscription boxes so I am happy that I get to try something from this brand! I have also never tried a cleansing cream before, only foams for the most part, so this is also exciting for me!

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Blistex Lip Balm ($1.50)

Filled with anti-oxidant vitamins C & E and rich moisturizers to quench your lips.

This is another product that I think was sent out in a variety of scents/flavours. For some reason, having randomized options like this makes things way more fun for me. I’m aware that this is probably super weird, but it’s fun to see what I get compared to other people! When I saw other unboxings, the Blistex came in the box packaging and mine came loose so hopefully mine is okay. I can’t be too concerned about it because I’ve used it already and it seemed fine.

I got the Five Star Lip Protection which is supposed to hold in moisture, form a wind barrier, provide relief for heat-stressed lips, soothe chapped lips, and has SPF 30 sun protection. Considering it is almost December and it is cold here in Canada, this is a great product! As soon as the weather gets cold, my lips stage a mutiny against me and they turn into a nightmare. This has a vanilla-ish scent (not sure if it is supposed to or not) and feels really nice! Glad I got this in my box.

So, I paid $17 for this with shipping because I had a coupon (normally it would be $20) and the products in the box are valued at $48.75 which is definitely more than I paid for it. Not only that, but I will use every single product in this box which counts for a lot more than just the retail value by itself. I am so happy I decided to purchase this box and can’t wait for my December box. The December box will probably get to me even later in the month because of Christmas but maybe I will get lucky and it will get there just before the 25th for a little Christmas gift 🙂

If you are interested in this service and want to check them out, you can find their website at or their facebook at

Also, the company does have a referral program so if you would like to sign up using my referral link than I would really appreciate it! My link is

xo Amanda

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased with my own money and all pictures and opinions are my own.

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