24 Days of Tea: Day 2

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!!! SPOILERS !!!

If you do not want to know the types of tea or order that the teas come up in this advent calendar than don’t read any further 🙂

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Alright, here we are, day 2 of the 24 Days of Tea advent calendar! For those of you who don’t know, this is a loose leaf tea advent calendar made by the Canadian tea company, David’s Tea. Each day has a different tea flavour that comes in a little tin and can make about 2-3 cups of tea per day. It is my mom who drinks the tea so these will be her opinions about the tea itself. Let’s see what we had today…

Organic Vanilla Chai

There’s no better way to warm up a chilly winter day than a hot cut of chai. The combo of rich black tea and exotic spice is like a cup of pure comfort. And this spicy black tea blend turns up the heat even more with a sweet and creamy hint of vanilla. It’s as cozy as a teddy bear wearing a scarf. In front of a roaring fire. While cuddling with a puppy. Try it with milk and sugar for a warming treat that’ll have you wishing for snow.

Ingredients: (organic) Cinnamon, black tea, licorice root, ginger, vanilla. With natural vanilla and cream flavouring.

How to Prepare: 1.25 tsp, 96°C (205°F), 4-7 minutes

Gosh, I just love the description of this. I am such a sucker for cute things like that, especially in this case when I’m not actually drinking the tea. This was one of the teas that I was most excited for my mom to try because she tends to like black teas. Not only that, but right around the time I was getting this for her, she was talking about someone at work having chai tea and how good it smelled. When she opened todays door and saw what it was, she got super excited!


We like to see what it looks like in the tea ball after it is brewed because sometimes it looks so beautiful and transforms in a really cool way. This one wasn’t quite so exciting but there it is just in case anyone else is interested.


Now, there were two things that my mom commented on while it was steeping. First of all, there were a ton of little floating leaves that came out of the tea ball. I’m not sure if this is just because bits of the tea are so fine or if we need an infused with finer mesh (is it mesh?). If you know the answer to this than let me know in the comments! The second thing was that she said it didn’t smell as spicy as other chai teas she had smelled.

Unfortunately, she was not a fan of this particular tea. She was excited (even though she hadn’t tried any chai tea before) and I had high hopes. She said that she could really taste the licorice root in it, and even though she likes licorice, she wasn’t a fan. However, I figured this would happen with some of the teas, so now she knows she doesn’t like it. We also have a lot of tea lovers that we work with so it has already been given a loving home!

We will see what kind she gets on day 3 tomorrow 🙂

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Tea description taken from the David’s Tea website. Advent calendar was paid for with my own money and all pictures and opinions are my own/my mom’s.

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