24 Days of Tea: Day 7

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!!! SPOILERS !!!

If you do not want to know the types of tea or order that the teas come up in this advent calendar than don’t read any further 🙂

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Okay, so I accidentally lied that last couple of posts. I said that we would be caught up today with days 7 and 8 but I was wrong. Mom and I ended up Christmas shopping all day today so there wasn’t really time to fit in 2 brand new teas. Instead, we just have day 7 and then hopefully tomorrow I will have both 8 and 9, obviously no promises though.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a loose leaf tea advent calendar made by the Canadian tea company, David’s Tea. Each day has a different tea flavour that comes in a little tin and can make about 2-3 cups of tea per day. It is my mom who drinks the tea so these will be her opinions about the tea itself. Let’s see what we had today:

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

There’s nothing better than waking up to a genuinely fabulous cup of English Breakfast tea. Which is why we took great care in choosing our signature blend. We were looking for the perfect balance. Something with body and a satisfyingly full flavour, without being overpowering. The winner? A flowery pekoe from Sri Lanka. You’ll find yourself drinking it all day long. (MK Kosher)

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea

How to Prepare: 1.25 tsp, 96°C (205°F), 4-7 minutes

So, as I have said in previous posts, mom is a black tea drinker as a general rule. One tea that she does like (usually by Tea Forte) is English Breakfast. When I was looking at buying this, I saw that this was one of the flavours and figured that at the very least, there would be one flavour that she would be comfortable trying. When she opened the little door today, you could see how excited she was that it was English Breakfast!

English Breakfast Tea Ball

I know this is tricky to see because it is black tea with a dark countertop, but I wanted you to see how cool it looked. We have only really had green teas puff up like this so we were quite surprised that it sat so tall when mom opened up the tea ball. She likes to call these “salads” when they puff up because they look more like lettuce than they did when they were dry. Very cool!

English Breakfast Steeped

I knew mom was excited about todays tea when she grabbed this mug. She originally had a different mug and after she opened the door and saw that it was English Breakfast, she decided to grab a mug larger mug. This looked like a nice, clean black tea with just a few escaped leaves.

Now, onto what she thought of this tea. She said it was wonderful! That it has a nice, smooth, delicious taste. She also commented on the fact that some black teas can have a slightly bitter after taste but this one didn’t have that at all. She loved it! In fact, she said it was one of the best English Breakfast teas that she has ever had. Very impressive!

Considering this was the one tea I was banking on in the calendar, I am so thrilled that she liked it! I feel like I am way more excited than she is about the 24 Days of Tea and I don’t even drink the teas.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to bring you days 8 and 9!

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Tea description taken from the David’s Tea website. Advent calendar was paid for with my own money and all pictures and opinions are my own/my mom’s

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