Memebox Black Friday Special Edition #1

Black Friday 1

Pamper a special someone with our new Black Friday Special Editions each packed with 5~7 full sized makeup and skincare miracles all for ONLY $19!!  

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Sometimes if boxes are due to ship at the same time, they will have bundles so that there is only one shipping cost.

I ordered the Black Friday boxes 1, 2 and 3 and the descriptions for all of them were the same and quite vague so I wasn’t sure what we would get. Let’s see what came in this box!

Black Friday 1 Box

Lately Memebox has been sending out boxes without cards and have been sending out emails with online information cards instead. This was one of those boxes so you will have to trust that I’m not making up the descriptions for each product.

Ladykin Hand Cream

Ladykin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream 60 ml ($14)

The anti-wrinkle functional hand cream containing cheese extracts, bacillus/corchorus olitorius leaf ferment filtrate which Cleopatra used for her skin care and denosine which is the anti-wrinkle functional ingredient absorbs deep into skin and helps to strengthen the skin’s innate power to protect itself, making the skin more vital and healthier. Mango extracts also makes skin clearer and more transparent and camellia sinensis leaf water rich in vitamin and polyphenol keeps easily dehydrated hands well-nourished, elastic and smooth.

Wow, what a long winded and technical description for hand cream. All I know is that this hand cream smells alright and I will use it. I do have other hand creams on the go at the moment but this won’t be neglected for sure! I am wondering if we will end up getting a hand cream in all of the Black Friday boxes.

Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream

Enprani Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 30 ml ($35)

Bouncify your skin with a FULL SIZED Memebox cult classic Dear by Enprani’s Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream! This innovative facial cream has a unique ooey-gooey, bouncy texture that comes from a high concentration of protein-rich whey. The fun melted mozzarella cheese texture will adhere to the skin perfectly, and hydrate and firm the skin for the plumpest, youngest cheeks ever.

How to Use: Prep the skin with toner and serum. Apply the cream to skin daily, morning and night.

When I first started getting into Memebox, I would see all kinds of people receiving this cream and marvelling at the texture of it. I’m not sure if it came in this box because Memebox is trying to clear out their warehouse but I am happy to have it. The texture is quite stringy which is strange but once it is on your skin, it thins out and absorbs fairly quickly. I do have other moisturizers on the go but this will join the line for upcoming creams!

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block SPF50+PA+++ Pink 40 ml ($15)

Enesti’s new UV Cut Sun Block is not only waterproof with a strong UV protection level but is also highly effective in toning out excess sebum and enlarged pores. Its gentle formula based on green tea and rosemary extracts works as a strong protective agent against the sun and other external toxins.

How to Use: Apply the sun block evenly over your face and pat in for absorbance at the first stage of makeup application.

Up until receiving this in the box, I did not use sun block as part of my daily routine. I know, I know, let the skincare shaming begin. I do realize that it is an important step and am hoping that having it will encourage me to incorporate it into my routine. I did put it on this morning (even though I didn’t leave the house today) and didn’t mind it. I found it applied a little thick so I may need to use a little bit less. I’m not upset about having this, that’s for sure!

Elizavecca Vita-Sauce

Elizavecca Real White Vita-Sauce 30 50 ml ($48)

With pure vitamin C taking up more than 30% of its formula, this is a highly concentrated vitamin ampoule which provides instant moisture surge, whitening care, wrinkle care, and skin protection all in one.

How to Use: Apply 2-3 drops of the ampoule to cleansed face. Pat it in for full absorbance. Make sure to shake the bottle well before application so that the vitamin capsules are evenly mixed.

This company is one that I have heard a lot about in the Meme world and people really seem to enjoy the brand! I didn’t have any ampoules before getting this box so I am happy to be able to try one. Since you only need 2-3 drops each time you use it, I feel like this 50ml bottle is going to last forever! One complaint that I do have is that when it arrived to me, the glass pipette portion had separated from the lid so I had to reach in to the bottle to get it and reattach it. I am hoping this is only a one time thing and that it does not separate all the time.

Cotterang K Cream

Cotterang Aesthetic Reparative-K Cream 20 g ($43)

A facial cream for soothing and nourishing stimulated skin, the Aesthetic Reparative-K Cream is packed with high concentrates of centella asiatica extracts, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and gold extracts. Its soothing formula works to hydrate and calm reddened, sensitive skin by creating a protective layer on top and also by instigating skin regeneration.

How to Use: Apply the cream generously over stimulated skin.

I’m not really sure what I think of this product to be honest. Maybe this sounds dumb but what exactly is stimulated skin? Do you rub it first, get all of your skin mojo working and then apply the cream? Or does it mean skin that is irritated? If you know the answer to this than please let me know in the comments because I really am curious. Hopefully I can do some research on this and find out if it is for more or not.

Some people may not be happy with this box because there are definite product repeats from other boxes. However, since I am still relatively new to Memebox, I do not have too many products and I have yet to get any products that I already have. This is definitely a box that is more focused on skincare and I am okay with that! I am definitely happy with this box. Since I had a lot of points and a coupon code to use when these boxes came out, I only paid about $15 for this box including the shipping. That means this box itself was only about $8 for me! The total retail value for this box is $155 and even though Memebox seems to inflate their retail prices a bit, this is amazing! I can’t wait to see what I get in the other Black Friday boxes that I have coming!

If you would like to make any purchases from Memebox, feel free to use my affiliate link or codes below to do so! The first three codes are valid until December 30 2014.

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xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional image taken from the Memebox website, all other images are my own. I have purchased this box with my own money and all opinions are honest and my own.

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