Memebox #51 Citrus Care

Citrus Care

Zesty citrus fruits are prime beauty-boosting ingredients in tons of beauty products, and for a good reason! Loaded with collagen-boosting Vitamin C and skin brightening natural acids, citrus fruits are skin and body-savers that halt the signs of aging and promote supple skin! When collagen production starts to slow down (at age 35! Tear…) and skin becomes congested and damaged from years of exposure to external aggressors and free radical damage, fundamental citrus components step up their game to stop aging and damage in its tracks! The results? You’ll have a radiant and youthful flow, and your friends will be able to spot you from miles away! Plus, the unique blend of zesty citrusy fragrances will evoke an energetic mood and lift your spirits!

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Sometimes if boxes are due to ship at the same time, they will have bundles so that there is only one shipping cost.

When I first started purchasing Memeboxes, this was one that had already been sold out which made me sad. I absolutely love citrus and wished that I could have gotten this box. Fortunately for me, it was one of the boxes that came up in the Black Friday restock so I snatched one up right away and I’m glad that I did! I actually had my tracking numbers mixed up so I thought I was getting my Black Friday 3 box and it turned out to be this which was a nice surprise.



Let’s see what I got in this box!


Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Essence 55 ml ($18)

A vitamin recharging, tone brightening essence that enriches dull, dehydrated skin with 6 different vitamins, lemon extracts, orange extracts, grapefruit extracts, lime extracts, and niacinamide.

How to Use: Apply directly to face after toner application and pat it in for full absorbance

This is my first essence! My Memebox addiction is really helping me develop an extravagant skincare routine. I only got this box today and I started using it already. With the cold winter months showing up, I can use all the brightening and enriching that I can get for my skin. This has a fairly pleasant smell and it is thicker than I expected an essence to be. I’m really excited to see what this does for my face!


The Yeon All Day Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 50 ml ($17)

With no whitening effect and lightweight in texture, the All Day Sun Cream effectively yet gently protects the skin from UV exposure while replenishing with its blend of aloe vera leaf, broccoli, orange peel, kiwi, lemon grass, and avocado extracts.

How to Use: Apply evenly over face before foundation application

I just got my first sun block from Memebox in my Black Friday 1 box and I am happy to have both of them. Like the other, this is a fairly small sized sun block but during the winter I will only use it on my face so it should last a little while. I’m not sure if this one has a scent or not, I have kept it sealed since I am currently using the other sun block.


Tonymoly Clean Dew Red Grapefruit Foam Cleanser 180 ml ($4)

This gently cream-to-foam cleanser packed with dewy red grapefruit extracts penetrates deep into the pores without over-drying to gently remove makeup, dissolve impurities and purify the skin for a firmer, healthier-looking complexion.

I kept this one sealed because I need to finish my Skinfood cleanser first. I want to open this and smell it so badly though because I love the smell of grapefruit and I’m hoping this is nice and citrusy. Cleansers are always something I will use so I am happy to have this!


Mizon Refresh Time Grapefruit Body Wash 200 ml ($14)

A refreshing body cleanser designed to deep cleanse, moisturize and nurture skin with a lively grapefruit fragrance. Rejuvenate and de-stress with this Vitamin C rich formula!

Once again, this is something I kept sealed for the time being. I am doing a 2015 Project Pan and once that post is uploaded, you will see that I have a couple of body washes that need to be used up. I may need to see if any of them could work as a bubble bath just to get through them all. I also hope that this one smells grapefruity because that would just be amazing!


Vivito Make-Up Starter Intro 70g ($35)

Melt away dead skin flakes and replenish moisture in just 10 seconds with the Make-up Starter Intro pad! This skin scaling pad shaped like a flower petal contains citric acid which helps exfoliate dead skin cells and also lavender water which delivers a deeply hydrating and soothing effect. Plus, it’ll leave an aromatic lavender fragrance lingering behind for a lasting pleasance.

How to Use: Swipe away dead skin cells and skin impurities with the dotted front side of the pad and then recharge with moisture with the flat side of the pad. Use it before going to bed or before make up application.

I am quite interested in this product. I have never used anything like it so I am interested in seeing if it actually makes a difference in my skin or not. The winter is definitely the best time to experiment with this kind of thing since my skin gets so dry. I did pop this one open and it has quite a nice scent to it so I am excited to try it!


Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm Orange Farm 12g ($24)

Formulated with orange peel oil, grape extracts, blackberry extracts, and Vitamin E, this Painting Sweet Lip Balm works to moisturize and revive dry, chapped lips. It’s scented with a sweet fruity fragrance and its unique jelly-like balm texture is also a fun, unique feature to take note of.

I received the Grape Farm version of this product in one of my Thanksgiving boxes and haven’t used it too much. The orange version smells lovely and it has a much more subtle tint to it than the grape version does. I have too many balms on the go at the moment so this may not get used for a little while.

Overall I am very happy with this box. I did know what was coming in it before I ordered so if I were unhappy, that would be my own fault for purchasing it. When I bought this, I had a lot of Memepoints and had a coupon code as well so I managed to get this for only $15 including shipping which is great! The overall retail value for this box is $112 which is well above what I paid for it!

If you would like to make any purchases from Memebox, feel free to use my affiliate link or codes below to do so! The first three codes are valid until December 30 2014.

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xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional image taken from the Memebox website, all other images are my own. I have purchased this box with my own money and all opinions are honest and my own.

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