Subscription Boxes I’d Love to Try

Okay, so as an addict of subscription boxes, I am constantly on the lookout for boxes I haven’t tried. This includes sulkily looking at the boxes I wish I could try but can’t because they don’t ship to Canada and ones that do ship to Canada but have extra shipping costs. Sometimes I wish I had a US mailbox just so I could try some of these boxes out because they look amazing! Anyways, today I am going to tell you about some subscription services that do ship to Canada, and also ones that look really great that are US based and I wish would come to Canada! Let’s get started!




NatureBox is a snack subscription service that ships out monthly. It is currently available in the US and Canada but the Canadian version is still a Beta version (meaning every Canadian gets the same 5 preselected snacks for that month). In the US, you can either have a random selection of snacks (chosen from more than 100 options) or you can choose your own snacks from those options. You can also pay extra to receive add-ons in your box.

The types of snacks that NatureBox offers range from granola, dried fruits, flavoured nuts, sweet treats, and so much more. They promise to not include any hydrogenated oils, added sulfites, or any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours. Each bag of healthy choice snacks is between 3-5 oz I believe and comes with complete nutritional information. As an added bonus, for every box that is delivered, NatureBox donates one meal through the charity Feeding America which helps people in need. I think this is really great!

I have had my eye on this subscription service for awhile but haven’t wanted to commit to the preselected snacks that are coming to Canada. I would much prefer for it to be a surprise mix! I may try it once it is out of Beta mode but we will see. The cost is $19.95 USD for US residents (with free shipping) and is $19.95 USD for Canadian residents (with $4.95 USD shipping).

You can check out NatureBox at

UPDATE: They have changed the shipping to Canada to be $7.95 USD. I’m not sure why they changed it but it certainly isn’t thrilling news.



MunchPak is another monthly subscription service for snacks. This one is more on the side of sweet treats and features snacks from around the world so you will get to try things that you normally wouldn’t be able to. They not only ship to Canada and the US, but many other countries so check out their website to see if you are able to get it!

There are currently 2 sizes of MunchPaks. There is the Original Munchpak which is $21 per month (plus $3 shipping). This size contains 12+ full size snacks. The Family Munchpak is $39 per month (plus $6 shipping) and contains 22+ plus full size snacks each month. MunchPak used to have a mini sized Munchpak which I believe was only about $8 per month. I thought I had heard that it might be making a comeback so if it does, I will probably try it out!

If you would like to check out Munchpak, you can do so at

Mystery Chocolate Box

Mystery Chocolate Box

I think that Mystery Chocolate Box is such a cool idea! Every month, they send you 3 chocolate bars. They have taken off the paper wrapping of each bar and wrapped it with their own wrappers labeled Bar A, Bar B, and Bar C. They do not tell you what flavours you are getting, which creates a bit of a game. They encourage you to get your family and friends together for a night of tasting the bars and trying to guess what the flavours are. They even include a card to record your guesses on. You can submit your guesses on their website to try and win prizes!

Along with your chocolate bars, for every box sold, Mystery Chocolate Box donates two meals to charity. One of the meals goes to a charity in the US and the other goes to a charity in another part of the world. They donate these at the end of the year, and just submitted their 2014 donation of 1,250 meals which is great since they were a new company this year!

The cost of the Mystery Chocolate Box is $17.95 per month. Although, I am a little bit confused because it says $17.95 now then $31.23/month. I am not sure if the price goes up after the first month so I will need to look into that. They release the flavours of the bars a few weeks after sending the boxes out. After this, you can buy the chocolate bars and can opt to have them shipped with your next box which means you don’t have to pay for shipping which is great! Right now you can get $8 off your first box so I may just have to try this out!

You can find out more at



The Hatchery Tasting Box is a subscription that appeals to me so much. I just can’t bring myself to pay the shipping price for it which hurts my heart a little bit because I really want to try it. In this monthly subscription, you get an assortment of sample-sized artisan ingredients and condiments. Some of the items that subscribers have received in the past are flavoured mustards, jams, vinegars, and so many other things. I can hardly talk about it, it excites me so much. Is that weird? Probably…

Unfortunately, this box is $25 per month, plus an extra $10 each month for shipping. If I were in the US, I would probably pay the $25, but that extra $10 every month does make a big difference. It does make me sad because this is one that I really would like to try. When there are little country type stores, I always automatically go to look at their condiments and food products. I really do wish that I could try this one. If you do try it, let me know so I can be jealous of you!

If you would like to take a look at Hatchery, you can do so at

Raw Spice Bar


RawSpiceBar is such a cool idea and if I were living away from home at the moment, I would totally try it out! This is a service that sends you 3-4 spice blends every month, providing you with enough to make about 8-12 servings of 3 different dishes! Not only that, but these spice blends are ground fresh so by the time they get to you, they will only have been ground about a week before! They also have a blog that you can access to find recipes using these spice blends.

This service is only $6 a month and has free shipping to the US and Canada (which almost never happens for us)! How cool is that! At home, I don’t cook a ton, but I did when I lived in my own apartment. For only $6 a month, this may be something that I try anyways because I just love the idea! January actually seems to be their first month of shipment so I haven’t seen any unboxings yet but will keep an eye out!

If you would like to check this website out, you can find it at



BarkBox is a pet subscription service that will send you treats, toys, grooming products, and other miscellaneous items every month. They allow you to choose a size category for your dog and enter some information for them to keep on record about your dog. I have been extremely interested in this service ever since getting my pooch almost 2 years ago but haven’t ever taken the plunge.

The company thoroughly researches their products and where they are sourced from so that they can ensure safe and healthy products for your pet. I personally think that Tucker would love to receive this box as much as I would (probably more). He already has more toys than he knows what to do with so I’m not sure he needs it but it would be awesome to try! To subscribe on a monthly basis costs $29 USD plus $5 USD for shipping to Canada. This cost does come down to $19 USD plus shipping per month if you purchase a years subscription.

If you would like to check out BarkBox, the website is




I really wish that Treatsie shipped to Canada, although it may be tough because of the types of products they are shipping. Each month, you will get sweets from three different vendors from around the US. They try and use small businesses to help get them exposure and provide amazing treats for their subscribers! Past boxes have included things like caramels, chocolates, taffy, and much more! To subscribe on a month-to-month basis costs $15 plus $5 shipping. I love candy so it would be nice to try out these artisanal treats.

If you live in the US and are interested in finding out more about Treatsie, you can find them at

Popsugar Must Have

PopSugar Must Have

I watch PopSugar Must Have unboxings every single month and when I see coupon codes for it, I just wish I could give it a shot! Every month comes with amazing products that can include accessories, beauty items, yummy treats, and so much more! Almost every unboxing I watch includes beautiful products that I would love to try out. This one is on the pricier side at $40 per month which I couldn’t afford every month but would love to try for one month with a coupon code.

If you are interested in the PopSugar Must Have box, their website is



Boxycharm is another one that I watch the unboxing videos of every month and wish that I could try it out. This box is exclusively focused on beauty which includes makeup, hair, skincare, nails, etc. It includes 4 full sized item and 1 deluxe sized item every month which is really great. For example, the December 2014 box had the Coastal Scents Revealed palette which everyone raves about. This box is only $21 per month with free shipping and always seems to have a much higher value than that. I think that I would probably try it out if it made its way up here (depending on the shipping cost).

If you are interested in Boxycharm, you can find the website here 

So those are all of the subscription services I have my eye on at the moment. There are a few that I will probably try if the price is right, and others that I can’t try which makes me sad. If you have any subscription boxes that you think I should know about, just let me know in the comments because I would love to check them out! Thanks for reading!

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional images taken from Google and information about services taken from their websites. All opinions are my own.

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