ABCDEat Happy Friday Pouch

Here is the first instalment of my order from ABCDEat. This is an Asian snack service that was started by a YouTuber/Blogger named Genie and her partner. This is not a subscription service because it does not automatically renew but you can receive monthly boxes, specialty boxes, and their pouches. At the moment, they are not releasing new boxes but hopefully they will be back to it soon.

What I have ordered is called the Happy Friday Pouch which is a smaller and less expensive version of one of the boxes. This pouch is only $8.99 USD and this includes the shipping. I had seen some unboxing posts about the pouch and knew that it was a bit of a risk for me because I do not particularly like seafood and there were definitely some seafood snacks in the pouches. I decided that for $9 I would take the risk.

This package came very well bubble wrapped and protected that it was nice to see that they took the effort to package it instead of just throwing it all inside of a mailer. There is not a card for the pouch so this probably won’t be 100% accurate in terms of company names and what not but I will try my best. Let’s see what we got!

Dahfa Fish Snacks

Dahfa Fish Snack (Product of Malaysia)

Gahhh…Right off the bat there is seafood. I had seen this snack in other unboxings and really hoped I wouldn’t get it. I would be less afraid of seafood flavoured chips or something like that but this is legitimate fish jerky basically. The ingredients are: wheat flour, fish meat, salt, sugar, chilli, soya sauce, flavour enhancer. I am absolutely terrified of this one.

I have been wanting to “lady up” if you will and try new foods without being such a baby. So, for the sake of a thorough review of the products, I have tasted one of these strips despite my wimpy feelings about the whole thing. Right when I took it out of the packaging it smelled so much like fish tank. Yes, I am this big of a wuss about food, it’s silly I know. It has a weird paper-ish kind of texture and at first it doesn’t really taste like anything but then the fish taste hit me. Unfortunately, this snack wasn’t for me. I’m sure that some people would really like this but it’s not my cup of tea. I’m impressed with myself that I tried it though.

Sesame Cuttlefish

Sesame Baked Cuttlefish Snack Puffs (Product of Thailand)

Another seafood snack, yikes. I really wish that I liked seafood, I feel like my life would be a lot easier and I could try a ton of different cool dishes. These are less scary to me than the fish snacks because they are corn puffs which is more familiar for me. The ingredients for this one are : corn, rice, sugar, cuttlefish, vegetable oil, salt and flavouring (onion powder, chilli paste, chilli). At first I thought Sesame was just another flavouring of these puffs but I think it is actually the company name.

This was probably the thickest plastic packaging for a snack I have ever seen. I had to fight it just to get it open. This one did not have an appealing smell to me either but I told myself I would at least try it. These had quite a sweet taste to them which I wasn’t expecting. I wish they were just the puffs and seasoning, and not the cuttlefish. I think I will have to pass on these too. Once again though, I am glad this pouch is getting me to try some new things!

Ahh Cheese

Richeese Ahh Triple Cheese Snack (Product of Indonesia)

I received 2 of these cheese snacks in the pouch, both are triple cheese flavouring. I tend to be a little bit on the fence about cheese flavoured snacks. I don’t love cheese crackers but I do like snacks like Cheetos so I was hoping that these would be more towards the Cheetos end of the spectrum.

Once I had opened these, I was a little unsure. There was so much cheese. It is like Cheetos coated with some more cheese. This is also sweet which is so strange to me. I kind of like this one though. I am having a hard time with the sweetness of it considering it is a cheese snack but I will probably eat both of these so that’s good!

Edo Gummies

EDO Pack Assorted Fruit Gummy Candies (Product of China)

This was one snack that I had seen in unboxings that I was excited about. I love fruity snacks and I definitely love gummies. There were 2 packs of these in the pouch as well. When I pulled these out, I wasn’t sure if they were more like candies or fruit snacks but either one was fine with me.

After trying them, I would definitely say that they are more on the fruit snack side of things but they are really good! There are four flavours: grape, strawberry, peach, and mango. I really love all of those fruits in real fruit form so I am definitely okay with them in gummy form. I ate the entire first pouch right away and will definitely enjoy the second soon.

Yaokin Grape

Yaokin Sour Paper Grape (Product of Japan)

This is the thing that I was most excited for in the pouch. I am such a candy lover! Grape isn’t necessarily my favourite flavour but I do like it! This felt really thin and pliable through the packaging. I had expected this to be grape candy purple but when I opened it, it was more of a peach colour and had a coating of sugar on it which I assume is the sour flavouring.

This has the same kind of texture as the rainbow sour belts that you can buy. I wouldn’t say that this is sour, but rather that it is slightly tart. I know that probably doesn’t make sense. The grape flavouring isn’t the super artificial flavour that I am used to with candies here in Canada or the US but it’s obviously good because I already ate the whole thing. They also have soda and cola flavours which I would really enjoy trying!

Overall, I am glad that I ordered the pouch. Even though there were a couple of snacks that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, it allowed me to try some new and different foods and I found a couple of things that I really liked. I wish that you could pick a ‘no seafood’ option but that is okay, not a big deal.

I’m sure I sound like a Negative Nancy but I’m not trying to be. I’m not saying that any of these snacks are bad, they just are not to my personal taste. Some people would really love these I know! I would probably be more suited to a box that was candy/sweet treats related. However, I think I would order the pouch again if the snacks change and it is not just a set pouch that goes out to everyone that orders it. I have seen different products come in the pouch so I know that is not the case, I’m just not sure how often they do change the snacks.

I think that if you like to try cool new snacks, than ABCDEat might be of interest to you! If you want to check them out, you can view their facebook page here, you can find their website here, or you can watch Genie’s video about the service here: ABCDEat Video.

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: This pouch was purchased with my own money. All opinions and pictures are my own.


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