No More Memeboxes

Be forewarned, this post is coming from a place of frustration and disappointment and I don’t think I will be able to hide those feelings. To anyone who reads my blog, you may know that the majority of my unboxing posts are Memeboxes and I have loved my Memeboxes. Over the last few months, people have been speculating about a lot of things involving Memebox.

First, people were disappointed because the VIP and affiliate benefits got worse and worse until they weren’t worth having for the most part. The quality of the boxes was very hit or miss causing people to lose trust in the company. For almost all of November (I believe it was November), they just weren’t really releasing boxes at all. A lot of focus shifted to the US customers and to Memeboxes new makeup line that they had created. No one really knew for sure what was going on but Memebox assured people that lots of exciting things would be happening in the new year.

Throughout January, people received emails saying that due to shipping issues, Memebox wouldn’t be able to ship to their company anymore. People were unhappy and that is understandable because I often thought “I’m glad that isn’t me” and “They wouldn’t stop shipping to Canada since we are neighbours to the US.” Fast forward to today and my fears were realized, but not just mine.

Memebox released an email (which I didn’t actually get) and a statement saying that they would no longer be shipping internationally AT ALL. They would only ship within China, Korea, and the US where they had distribution centres. Now, I understand that it is silly to get upset over something trivial like this. However, a lot of people have been very loyal to Memebox and have given them a lot of money for their products. Everyone is feeling a little bit betrayed by this.

You can order boxes up until February 10 and still get them internationally but that is it. I understand that this is a business decision but I think they will lose a lot of profit by cutting out international customers. I do feel sad about this, and a little bit angry even though that doesn’t make much sense. I have a couple of Memebox unboxings that I am about to write and have a few more boxes that are in transit or still have to ship. I hope that these upcoming posts aren’t tainted by the way that I am feeling about Memebox at the moment. They might be, and if they are than I apologize.

I just wanted to let you guys know about these changes in case you didn’t see the news and are a Memebox lover yourselves. Sorry that this is a more ranty and less fun kind of post but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I needed to write this. Maybe posting this will make me feel less grumpy, who knows.

Thanks for reading! If you are an international Memebox customer, let me know how you feel about all of this.

xo Amanda

17 thoughts on “No More Memeboxes

      • I know! 😦 I was looking forward to getting into it more! I didn’t order a whole box because I thought I’d get a chance to look into more (and I already bought a box of stuff from eBay D:) but I picked up the Shining Crystal Lip Tint and the Green Tea Seed Essence!


      • The boxes are just fun, like mini Christmas. I’m sure my mail lady thinks I’m a nut with the number of pink packages she delivers. Even though she is really nice about it. I guess now is the time to get anymore boxes while it’s still an option. I’d be interested in hearing how the essence works out!

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      • I know! I almost did pick a few up but then I saw my cart total and was like hmm.. I should relax a bit hahaha. I’m sure she doesn’t mind! 🙂 It’s totally worth it anyway. Yes for sure, I should have a browse around now that I know I won’t get a chance to for a while! 😦 I’ll definitely post up on it once I get it! It probably won’t arrive for 2 weeks or so! The reviews on it were really good!


      • Yea it’s so easy to fall into the Memebox trap haha. That’s how they’ve gotten so much of my money. At least I have an okay stockpile of products. I’m considering using my 7 leftover points to buy the Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack. I’ve had my eye on it since I started getting boxes and it’s free shipping so with my points it would only be $10 (without the horrible exchange rate).


  1. reann0n says:

    I ordered two yesterday, but after I got my email I ordered the other two I’ve been wanting, but said I’d wait until next month. I just started memebox in November, but have become obsessed, so I’m a little upset 😭


    • I know how you feel, I only got my first boxes at the very end of October so it feels like I hardly scraped the surface (despite how many I’ve bought). I wish I had been around for the Memebox days that people talk about, it sounded really great! Which boxes did you order?


      • reann0n says:

        Yesterday I bought baby soft skin and detox and renew. Today I bought global 17 (I’ve wanted it for a while but newer boxes always came out and I ended up buying those) and the shara shara sake gift set. I know it’s gotta be used this year, but it was another purchase I’ve been putting off 😝


      • Oh I hear that for sure, the exchange rate is SO bad right now. I shop online way too much so having to factor in that difference is awful. It’s hard when there are products like these that we just can’t get in Canada


  2. I’m so upset! Probably more than I ought to be. I’m debating ordering the Valentine bundle since it sounds like it may still ship even after the February 10 deadline. I guess I’m just really glad that Tester Korea has my back still. And it will allow me to funnel my box money into new and non memebox boxes.

    Also saw above that you’re debating the modeling take out cup pack. They’re awesome. I’d go for it.


    • I think you will be able to get the bundle. I have the Valentines bundle with the seeds and flowers box ordered and they haven’t cancelled it yet at least. It sounds like if you order it before February 10 you will be okay…hopefully at least.

      Thanks for the input on the modeling take out cup pack! For only $10 I think it’s probably a great deal, I don’t know why I’m hesitating at all haha


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