Fortune Cookie Soap ’50 Shades of Soap’ Mini Collection

50 Shades of Soap Collection

Eek I was so excited to get this package in the mail! This is Fortune Cookie Soaps Valentines Day collection that is based on 50 Shades of Grey. Now, I never read 50 Shades, I don’t plan on it either. It just isn’t my kind of book, I prefer more of the Stephen King type of genre which obviously differs. However, I do love FCS and the scents in this collection sounded nice so I wanted it anyways. There were a lot of florals with some fruits mixed in which I like so very exciting!

Bitten Lip Scrub

“Bitten” Lip Scrub

“I’d like to bite that lip.” Yea , Christian…we’d like that, too! Spicy warm cinnamon and cool mint…delish!

I love the colour of this lip scrub! It’s so pretty. I tried this one out and it tastes really yummy (even though it’s not just meant to be eaten). It tastes like cinnamon without any of the spiciness. It does discolour the skin around your lips to a pinkish colour so if you get this, wipe or lick it off relatively quickly. These lip scrubs last me forever and soon I will have a third one in my collection so I’m set for awhile!

Hard Limit Massage Bar

“Hard Limit” Massage Bar

What makes you scream, “RED!”? Juicy red apples and lime accentuate the femininity of a fresh-cut bouquet of jasmine, lilies, roses, and violets, all warmed with fresh oriental tea leaves and rounded out with base notes of soft musk.

Now, I haven’t had a massage bar from FCS before but I am thinking that it is essentially a larger hydrate me which is great. I really like the scent of this one. I’m not great at picking out scents so it is hard for me to say which particular scents I am picking up on. It is definitely a mix of fruit and floral, there isn’t one “category” that I pick up more than the other. It has a nice low melting point so be careful if you are just holding onto it because it will start to melt in your hands.

Inner Goddess Whipped Cream

“Inner Goddess” Whipped Cream

Soft, feminine, and powerful…everything your inner goddess should be. Sweet violet and hints of iris and white florals mingle perfectly with vine-ripened watermelon, juicy fresh apricot and the perfect amount of wild berries.

I really like this whipped cream, it reminds me of Bloom Bloom Room (at least the version that I have in a CYO OCD hand sanitizer). It is very floral and I don’t get too much of the fruit. This lotion is supposed to come with a layer of glitter on top so that’s a heads up for those of you who don’t like glitter. Fortunately, mine had only one tiny spot with glitter on it which is okay with me. I don’t particularly want to be coated in glitter so this worked out better for me.

Later, Baby FCSLaters, Baby Fortune

“Laters, Baby” Fortune Cookie Soap

Just your typical farewell after a steamy romantic encounter…no big deal. Sweet, creamy coconut, salted caramel, warm brown sugar and vanilla with just the right amount of exotic musk and cayenne pepper.

I love the smell of this soap! A lot of people said it smelled like popcorn to them but I definitely get the coconut and caramel. It is a very sweet scent and it smells delicious! I am excited to use this one.

Pleasure Bath Bombs

“Pleasure” Bath Bombs

You want me to put what??? Where??? (just kidding! Do NOT use these internally!) Indulgent caramel drenched wild strawberries with a hint of sugared musk.

I love the smell of these bath bombs! They definitely smell very similar to It’s Showtime from the 2014 Halloween collection. The strawberry comes out as the main scent and I love it! These are absolutely coated in glitter, just as a heads up. I haven’t used these yet so I’m not sure what kind of mess the glitter will make in the tub. I know that when I used the There’s No Place Like Home bath bomb sample, I found glitter on myself for days so I assume it will be just like that.

Red Room Body Wash

“The Red Room” Body Wash

Christian Grey in jeans, and nowhere to run. What else is there to say? Seductive notes of sensual amber, musk, and vanilla with juicy tart berries, hints of warm sandalwood and fluffy sweet marshmallows.

This is my first body wash from Fortune Cookie Soap and I quite enjoy it. The lather on this is nice although the scent is subtle. It isn’t my favourite scent in the collection, I have to say. That’s not to say that I don’t like it, I just prefer other scents to this one. I was hoping that this would just smell like berry and marshmallows but I definitely smell the amber and musk for the most part. It is nice though.

Twitchy Palm OCDTwitchy Palm OCD Back

“Twitchy Palm” OCD Hand Sanitizer

You know… we make a cream for that… A dreamy blend of soft pink petals, juicy watermelon, bright lemon, creamy blonde woods, and vanilla bean chiffon, rounded out with hints of sweet southern sugar.

I LOVE the smell of this hand sanitizer. It might be one of my favourite hand sanitizers from FCS that I have tried so far. The watermelon and lemon are the scents that I pick out the most. This one is another product that is packed full of glitter. However, when you actually rub it in, there isn’t a detectable glitter on your hands (thank goodness!). I have more hand sanitizer than I know what to do with but I am still excited about this one.

Vanilla Linen Spray

“Vanilla” Linen Spray

Say my name! Wait…who’s Steve? As far from traditional vanilla as you can get, we’ve blended your favourite bean with Sicilian lemon and orange zest, bright verbena, heady sweet jasmine, and just a touch of amber, musk, woods, and creamy heliotrope. 

I am glad that they have linen sprays. Before this, I was using their personal space sprays on my pillow right before bed every night. I conveniently finished my last bottle the night before this package came so that was awesome. This is a very subtle scent. I had read in the Facebook fan page for FCS that some people weren’t picking up a scent at all. I can smell it a little bit but it’s only when I shove my face right into the pillow. It’s the citrus that I get the most which I am happy about because I didn’t want this to be too musky. As another side note, this came in a frosted glass bottle that is beautiful! I am impressed with the new packaging!

I am really happy with this collection! Even though the theme does nothing for me, I am happy with the products and the scents. I haven’t been disappointed by FCS yet and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Coming up next is their “Winter Has Come” collection which is based on Game of Thrones. I have already ordered this and I am so excited to receive it!

If you are interested in Fortune Cookie Soap, you can find them at or at their Facebook page

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: I purchased this collection with my own money. All pictures and opinions are honest and my own. 

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