Project Pan 2015 – Month Two Update

Two months down and I am still feeling pretty good about how I am doing. I’ve still been doing a pretty good job but most of the things I’ve finished have been on the easy side to finish. Makeup is definitely the hardest type of product to use up because they just last so long. That being said, it’s still only the beginning of March so I have plenty of time to work on it all! Let’s see how I did!



Fortune Cookie Soap Mist Me in Beetle Breath

I’m surprised I was able to finish this by my second month update to be honest. I only really used this as my spray before I went to bed. I did enjoy it quite a bit but smelling like popcorn/a carnival wasn’t exactly my ideal daytime scent. I liked it for what I used it for though.

Covergirl MarbleIMG_20150228_171237

Covergirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm in Marble

I know it doesn’t look empty but the lip gloss is flush with the plastic container. I can’t get anymore of the product out so I am calling this one finished. I was using this as my morning lip balm while I did my makeup. I did really enjoy this but I have a ton of lip balms and glosses so it’s on to the next one!

Woodwick Pumpkin ButterIMG_20150228_171211

Woodwick 22 oz. Candle in Pumpkin Butter

I did not think I was ever going to get through this candle because it was so huge. As you can see from the lines on the jar, I have burned this candle like crazy since my last progress update. I haven’t let myself burn any candles other than this one because I wanted to finish it and now I have! I still love the scent of this one but after more than a month of it, I need a break for sure. I’m glad I finished it before spring.


Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil in There’s No Place Like Home

This one wasn’t all that full at the start of this project and I managed to finish it shortly after the last progress update. I enjoyed the scent of this more as time went on. Nothing else I can really say about this one.

Nivea Night CareIMG_20150228_171307

Nivea Moisturizing Night Care

This was a repurchase but right after I bought it was when I started buying Memeboxes. After that, I just wanted to use all the Korean creams that I had received so I wanted to use this one up before I opened the others. I have a lot of creams stored away now so I wouldn’t need to repurchase this for a long time.



Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil in Swankified

The fill line on this one is a little tough to see but the current line is right at the top of the purple stripe. This is another scent that I have been wearing before bed and I enjoy it, but it isn’t my favourite. I smell like a loaf of banana bread before I fall asleep. I should be finished this one by the next update at this rate.


Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Strawberry Sparkler

I only started this bottle part way through February but I’m doing pretty well so far. I have used it for a bath as well as my showers so it went down a little quicker than it normally might. This one was a gift so it isn’t necessarily my favourite scent but I do enjoy it.

ELF Mineral Blemish PowderIMG_20150228_171550

ELF Mineral Blemish Powder in Clear

It’s hard to tell from the picture but I’ve used about half of this probably and I am enjoying it. I’ve been using it every day and I don’t think it will last me too long at this rate. I’m happy to be using this!

How Bout Them Apples PieIMG_20150228_171327

The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples? in Pie

For such a small amount of product, you would think it would be easier to use. However, I don’t love the way that this feels and it doesn’t last very long so I’ve only been wearing it around the house when I actually think to use it. Hopefully I can make more of an effort with this one.

The Face Shop Strawberry JamIMG_20150228_171355

The Face Shop Dessert Lip Balm in Strawberry Jam

I have been using this as my nighttime lip balm and I feel like I am making pretty good progress with it. I think that I will have it finished within the next couple of updates. I like this one so I am enjoying using it.

This challenge is helping me to rediscover products that I am really enjoying using and also helping me use up ones that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m still glad that I’m doing this project and I look forward to seeing how my next update goes.

Stay tuned for my next update in a month!

xo Amanda

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