Naturebox February 2015


Naturebox is an American subscription service that sends out healthy and delicious snacks. There are a couple of different box sizes that you can receive. The monthly deluxe box is $19.95 monthly (plus shipping) and you get 5 full sized bags of snacks. They do have other size options which are: 3 snacks ($13.95 + shipping), 10 snacks ($29.95 + shipping), or 20 snacks ($49.95 + shipping). The shipping for Canadians is $7.95 per box. It used to be $4.95 but the cost went up for some reason when they launched the full site which isn’t the best. With the exchange rate at the moment, the cost can end up being fairly high.

You can sign up for a trial box which is free but you do have to pay the shipping cost. In this trial you will receive 4 different single serving bags of snacks and one full size bag of snacks. After that month, you will be signed up for a recurring monthly subscription but you can cancel anytime. I received my trial box last month and this is my first full box. Let’s see what I got!


Apple Pie Oat Clusters

These Apple Pie Oat Clusters combine the sweet apple taste of freshly baked pies with the crunchy goodness of oatmeal cookies. These bite-sized clusters are perfect right out of the bag but even better atop a scoop of vanilla yogurt. But we doubt you’ll have any left for that!

Sometimes when you put things into your Naturebox pantry, they are out of stock so they replace the snack with others that may be similar. Some people are really frustrated by this but I don’t mind at all. I just put things into my pantry in hopes that I will get them. For this one, I had requested the mini Belgian waffles and they replaced them with these.

I actually really like these. I like the bit of chew that they have and they are just tasty!


Mango Almond Bites

That post-breakfast treat is a tough one to get just right. You’re ready for a little nourishment but not quite hungry enough for lunch. But one thing is certain: you’re looking for the perfect pair to that morning cup of coffee. Chewy mango and crispy rice come together in a sweetly satisfying snack. We dare you not to spoil your appetite for lunch.

I really love this snack! It has that puffed rice taste that is reminiscent of rice cakes or Sugar Crisp cereal. I’m also a big mango fan so this is an all around win for me. I have to remind myself to step away from the snacks or else I’d eat a ton at a time.


Antioxidant Boost

You’re rushing to the gym for the next crossfit class but first – sustenance! Open this lovely mix of roasted nuts, dried fruits and dark chocolate. Savory yet tart, this snack makes for a sweet greeting to any workout. After all, you need a wholesome treat to get you through those handstand push-ups.

I’m not typically one for trail mix kinds of snacks but I really like this! I love the dried fruit in it and the level of salt and what not is perfect! I really love the bites that have the chocolate in it, and I’m not the biggest chocolate person. Super yummy!


Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn

What’ll it be: a little cheesy or a little spicy? Get the best of both worlds in this popped snack! Whole grain popcorn is flavored to cheesy perfection then taken to spicy new heights with jalapeño flakes. We can’t imagine a more satisfying accompaniment to game night at home than tangy white cheddar popcorn with jalapeño heat.

This was one that I did request. I love jalapeno and white cheddar popcorn so I saw this one being a winner and I was right! This was delicious. My family found it to be too spicy but I didn’t think it was. Just perfect!


Greek Yogurt Pretzels

I don’t have an actual description for this one because they aren’t available in the original or blueberry flavours anymore, only strawberry. I had requested the blueberry because my brother wanted to try them but we got these ones. That was fine with me, I didn’t even think I would like them, just got them for him to try. Little did I know these would be creamy and delicious! Definitely glad I tried them.

I am so happy with my first full box! I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

If you would like to check out Naturebox for yourself, you can find their website at

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional images and product descriptions are taken from the Naturebox website. All other pictures and opinions are honest and my own. 

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