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MaskGenie is a service that I am so excited about! As of right now, this is a service that you need to “purchase” each month, so it is not a recurring subscription at the moment. Every month, you will receive different types of face masks that Genie has tested out and thinks are of good enough quality for you to try! There are two options for purchase: 5 masks for $12, or 10 masks for $22. Both of these prices include the shipping from Hong Kong so that is pretty good.


Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack ($1)

I am assuming that this is a nose pack similar to the Bioré strips that you can use to remove blackheads. I may be wrong but that’s what I am assuming. MaskGenie pouches don’t come with an informational card so I am using what I can find online and Genie’s unboxing video to describe these masks. These strips are always nice to have and I do enjoy Skinfood products!


Jant Blanc Coenzyme Q10 Plentiful Essential Skin Mask ($1)

According to Genie, this mask is quite hard to get ahold of so hopefully that is because they are good and everyone wants to use them. The packaging states that this will help with aging and will firm the skin, restoring elasticity. I love the packaging of this, I think it is so cute, even though that has nothing to do with how the product itself performs. I look forward to trying it!


Etude House Collagen Eye Patch ($1.40)

This is a product that Genie herself hasn’t tried but Etude House is a well known brand and eye patches seem to be very in at the moment. They are usually to help restore moisture under the eyes, to decrease puffiness, and to sometimes reduce dark circles. My dark circles are hereditary so things like this don’t work for the purpose but it is always nice to be able to keep the dry skin away from around my eyes.


My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask ($1.40)

I have heard many things about My Beauty Diary masks but have never actually tried one myself. This Black Pearl mask is for whitening and nourishing and according to Genie, it is very moisturizing. Whitening products in Korea usually mean that they are brightening which is great during the winter because I find my complexion to be quite dull. This mask feels pretty thick through the packaging so I look forward to seeing how it performs!


Foodaholic 3D Snail Natural Essence Mask ($1.50)

I have purchased a couple of Foodaholic 3D masks before but I don’t think I have the snail, and I actually haven’t tried the ones I purchased yet. Apparently, because of the 3D aspect, these masks have a very nice face shape so they fit well while you are wearing them. However, they do not seem to have a lot of essence to them so don’t be surprised when you open it up and the mask isn’t completely soaked in it like some masks are. I will be trying this one out soon!


Gung Solution Doctor’s Aquafill Mask Pack ($1.50)

This mask is made my the SecretKey brand which is on par with a drug store brand in Korea. There were a couple different variations of this mask sent out in this months pouch. This one is focused on moisturizing but there were also masks focusing on lifting and brightening. This uses hyaluronic acid and ceramide to calm and soothe the face while moisturizing. I’m happy that I got the moisturizing one since the air here is so dry!


Deary Edelweiss Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Invisible Elastic Mask ($2.20)

That is quite the name for this mask. This is another one that had several variations including this Edelweiss one, a rose type, a chamomile, and a pomegranate. According to Genie, these are masks from Taiwan and they are really nice to use! She seemed quite excited to send these out in the pouches for people to try. This sounds like another nice one for moisturizing which I am happy about!


Tuningface Essence Mask Sheet Amazing Brightening ($1)

This one came in this pink brightening type, a blue moisturizing type, and a yellow one that Genie thinks was for firming. As much as I enjoy moisturizing masks, it is nice to have some variety so I’m happy I got the brightening one. She hasn’t tried these masks yet but thought the girls on the packaging were super cute so wanted to try them. I agree about the girls, the one on this mask is pretty. Once again, I know this has nothing to do with the product itself but nice packaging is appealing. Hopefully this will be a nice one!


Adin Herb Essence Mask ($1.50)

This mask apparently uses rosemary, lavender, ginseng, lavender, vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to help moisturize, relax, and soothe the skin. It claims to be especially useful when skin is extra dull, dry, and in need of nutrition. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it sounds like there are some nice ingredients in the mask so I am sure it will be nice to try. One interesting thing to note is that it gives you suggestions of use based on the season. In the summer, they recommend you keep the package in the refrigerator, which I assume is to create a cooling effect. In the winter, they suggest you soak the package in warm water for 2-3 minutes before use which I have never seen before. Very interesting!


Mediheal E.G.T Midnight Capping Pack ($1.50)

This is from the same brand that makes the bubbling face mask we received in the January pouch. I really liked that bubbling mask so I am sure I will really like this too. This mask is a sleeping pack and I am happy that it comes in a resealable package since it comes in a foil pouch. Genie also sent out a H.D.P Shower Capping Pack which rather than being a sleeping pack, is a wash off type of mask. This mask looks like it has the Dreams Bounce Cheese Cream kind of texture so it will be interesting to use .Apparently even with generous use, you can get a week or more out of this pack which is quite nice!

I am happy with my February pouch! At the moment, this is definitely one of my favourite monthly subscriptions. I love masks so much and it is neat that I can try all these different masks that I probably wouldn’t have ever even heard about otherwise. The approximate retail value of this months pouch is about $14. This is a little bit low but the purchase cost includes shipping from Hong Kong and the value is in the usefulness of the products so I’m still happy.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, you can find the MaskGenie Facebook page at or you can watch Genie’s video that will tell you about Mask Genie here: MaskGenie Video.

You can also watch Genie’s “unpouching” of both the 5 and 10 mask February pouches here: Genie’s February Unpouching

If you would like to try out this service, just email with your paypal email address and they will send you an invoice!

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: This pouch was purchased with my own money. All photos and opinions are honest and my own. 

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