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MaskGenie is a service that I am so excited about! As of right now, this is a service that you need to “purchase” each month, so it is not a recurring subscription at the moment. Every month, you will receive different types of face masks that Genie has tested out and thinks are of good enough quality for you to try! There are two options for purchase: 5 masks for $12, or 10 masks for $22. Both of these prices include the shipping from Hong Kong so that is pretty good.

This particular pouch was a special limited edition one that only came in a 10 mask variety. Since the Chinese New Year started in February, Genie decided to create the Oriental Beauty Pouch to focus on ingredients that are Asian and have inclusions in traditions of different Oriental cultures. I am a sucker for both masks and limited edition things so of course I purchased it.


Along with this beautiful bag that represents Chinese New Year, Genie included a couple of candies that are considered lucky candies for the Chinese New Year. To me, they taste kind of like strawberry milk and from what I can find online, they are strawberry flavoured. They definitely aren’t as sweet as the candies we get here in Canada but they definitely are tasty!



Tosowoong Rice Paper Pack ($7)

This package was so big that it had to be put outside of the red bag, just inside of the mailer. It is such a neat sounding mask. Apparently, it comes with a mask that is made of rice paper and it’s dry. There is also an essence that comes with it. You pour the essence over the mask and let it soak for about 2-3 minutes until the rice paper gets soft and pliable. This is when you put it on your face like a regular mask. Apparently, it is important to try and get the mask placement right the first time because it can be tricky to readjust it. The price of $7 is kind of a guess but I think it is a lower end price because this mask is quite expensive. I can’t wait to try this!


The History of Fo Nok Yong Pack ($2)

This is just a sample size of a larger product but apparently we should be able to get 1-2 uses out of it. This mask is meant to be put on your face, massaged for 20-30 minutes and then washed off. It includes an ingredient that is basically taken from ground deer antlers. In Chinese culture, after women give birth, they have a one month confinement period and you are supposed to drink a soup that is made with this ingredient. It is also used in Korean beauty products. I think that massaging my own face for 20-30 minutes may be more tiring than relaxing but I will definitely give this a go!


Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask ($2)

This is another product that is a sample size of a larger product. Sulwhasoo is a famous Korean beauty brand apparently and this is a sleeping pack that is made using ginseng which is a popular Asian ingredient. Sleeping packs aren’t necessarily the most exciting but I will definitely try it out!


My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask ($1.60)

Genie says that My Beauty Diary has both this Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask as well as a regular Bird’s Nest Mask so she got this one because it sounded better. I think that the packaging of this as well as the name both sound like they fit in with Chinese culture. I still haven’t tried my masks from My Beauty Diary yet but I look forward to seeing what they offer.


Kao Steam Eye Mask ($1.30)

This mask definitely sounds interesting! It is made with chamomile and is meant to relieve tired eyes. Apparently, once you put it on, the mask heats up to about 40 degrees and the warmth lasts for about 10 minutes. To wear it, you loop it around your ears and it will stay on. I think this is super cool and definitely different from any other eye masks I’ve seen. I may even try this one tonight!


Lebelage Natural Mask Pearl ($1.20)

This is the same company that we received the egg mask from in the January pouch and I absolutely loved that mask! It may be one of my favourite masks I have used so far, so I am excited to have another one from them. According to Genie, in Chinese culture, pearls are ground into a powder to eat and to use as skincare. This mask is meant to moisturize and soften your skin. I am definitely not going to turn down extra moisture for my face so I am excited to try this for sure!


Dermal Gold Collagen Essence Mask ($.50)

This is another brand we have seen before from MaskGenie and I do believe I liked their Syn-ake mask so I look forward to trying this. Apparently, these masks are thick and have lots of essence so they are nice for your skin!


Snowy Green Tea Seaweed Collagen Facial Essence Mask ($1.30)

I have never heard of this brand but apparently it is from Korea. These masks have a god shape and lots of essence according to Genie, and apparently they smell really nice which is always nice when it is sitting on your face. I haven’t tried any seaweed masks before so I am excited to have this!


Lovemore Pearl Barley & Milk ($2)

Genie says that this mask has a great smell, and it is made from a 100% natural silk sheet so it is really nice to wear. This is another brand that I have’t heard of before but we received two masks from them in this pouch so I am excited to see how they are. This mask is supposed to soothe skin and leave it more radiant.


Lovemore Herba Saussurea Involucrata Revival Sheet Mask ($2)

This mask includes an ingredient called the snow lotus which apparently is only obtained by climbing mountains and trekking through dangerous terrain. Genie says that in the Chinese soap operas, whenever someone is dying, the only way to save them is to give them this flower so that is kind of neat. She says that there is a very specific way to put this mask on, and that you should keep the blue plastic piece on until you have it situated on your face. So if you received this pouch or own this mask, just keep this in mind. Just like the pearl barley & milk type, this is also a 100% natural silk sheet.

Once again I am very pleased with this pouch. Genie never fails to include neat masks that are super fun to try. I look forward to trying the steam eye mask and the rice paper pack the most I think! The value of this particular pouch was about $20.90 which could still be higher depending on the value of the rice paper pack. This is our highest value yet and I am very happy with it!

If you are interested in learning more about this service, you can find the MaskGenie Facebook page at or you can watch Genie’s video that will tell you about Mask Genie here: MaskGenie Video.

You can also watch Genie’s “unpouching” of the Oriental Beauty Pouch here:         Genie’s Oriental Beauty Unpouching

If you would like to try out this service, just email with your paypal email address and they will send you an invoice!

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: This pouch was purchased with my own money. All photos and opinions are honest and my own. 

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