Memebox Valentine’s Day #2 Candy For Me

Valentines Day 2

Whether you’re single or with someone, Valentine’s Day is a good day to be a lady! It’s because it’s the one and only day where you can get away with some indulgent self-gifts for decadent, self pampering. Because you’re so awesome, we gift you something super sweet! A box full of candy-scented wonderliciously made, and scrumptious-looking Korean beauty skincare and makeup goodies that will sweeten up your year! Screw Cupid, who says you need a valentine to get great gifts on Valentine;s Day?

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Please be aware that Memebox will no longer be shipping internationally. They will only ship to addresses in China, Korea, and the USA as of February 10 2015.


This will be my very last Memebox unboxing/review which definitely makes me sad. I know that I received this box a few weeks ago but actually writing up my last unboxing makes it feel more real. Anyways, let’s see what came in this box.



Shara Shara Berry Berry Cleansing Sherbet 70g ($14)

Sorbet doesn’t just melt in the mouth, this Berry Berry Cleansing Sorbet melts on your face! It’s the perfect filling to go inside your favourite chocolate, but you’ll be able to massage this sinful delight into your skin! Designed to gently remove  even the most stubborn makeup, this sweet cleanser dissolves makeup, impurities, and oil without irritating or drying out the skin.

This has the same kind of cleanser texture as the Zero cleansers do and I really enjoy them so I think I will really like this! it has a nice scent to it so that is nice. I have really been liking these oil cleansers for taking off my makeup because they just make it easier! I am working on another oil cleanser and the moment but I look forward to trying this!


Elizavecca Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream 100g ($46)

Nope! It’s not the filling to your post-dinner dessert! This moisturizer, aka Gelato Cream, is a sweet remedy for soothing and moisturizing the skin! It uses a unique steam technology to provide a surge of a hyaluronic acid, minerals, and vitamins to instantly nourish stressed, dry skin. This ultra hydrating facial-in-a-jar has a chewy marshmallow gelato texture that instantly absorbs into the skin to deliver a powerful dose of hydration, and creates a protective shield over the skin to keep moisture and nutrients in and environmental stressors out! The results? You’ll see noticeable improvements in skin’s texture and supple, refreshed skin.

This is my first Elizavecca product and I am really happy to have it because I have heard Meme fans rave about their products. I have also heard some awesome things about this cream in particular so that makes me even more excited to use it. I do have to say that this is one weirdly described texture. I have never heard a cream described as having a “chewy marshmallow gelato” texture but we will see what it’s like. I’m not going to open it up until it’s time to use it.


Rappol Nutritious Bio Ampoule Mask 27ml x 3 sheets ($18)

These unique facial sheet masks contain sweet  and savoury pomegranate, and Cleopatra’s secret to her legendary beauty, hibiscus flower extract. The micro-fiber material is saturated with a blend of sweet ingredients to help diminish wrinkles and fine lines and maximize brightness and evenness in the complexion for a youthful look all around. The intense formula delivers radiant results instantly, while reducing existing pigmentation for a breathtakingly beautiful finish. Who knew such candy-sweet ingredients will you give you your radiant glow?

I love me some sheet masks! Not too much i can say about this one other than I love masks and I am excited to use these ones. They sound like the results will be great so I look forward to using them! I’m glad that they gave us three of these and not just one.


Lassie’el Kiwi Brightening Yogurt Massage Mask 12g x 4 ($6)

Brighten and perfect your complexion with this sweet and refreshing kiwi and yogurt twist! Kiwi and yogurt flavours are extremely popular candy flavours in Korea, and can be easily found in candy baskets and gift boxes during the Valentine’s season in Korea. Now, take this sweet mix, infused with real kiwi extracts, yogurt, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to brighten, correct, hydrate, and firm saggy skin for your best skin ever!

I have received this mask before in a black raspberry yogurt formula and I really like it! One thing that I love about these masks is that they come with a lid so that you don’t need to waste it. I think I can get 2-3 uses out of each pack so that lid really comes in handy! I’m excited to try the kiwi formula!


Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick 2g ($5)

Enriched with bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick is a loss type lip tint that moisturizes and plumps up your dry, chapped lips for a long-lasting radiance.

Last but not least we have this lip tint. I’m pretty sure this came in a Memebox before I started buying them but I have never received one before. There were three possible scents/colours for this box: seedless strawberry candy, oh! orange candy or sour lemon candy. I received the seedless strawberry version and I am pretty happy with it. I was surprised by how much colour it actually put off and the scent is quite nice! I look forward to using this!

I am surprisingly happy with this box. I bought it because it was part of the bundle but thought that it might just be cutesy stuff that I didn’t really care about. I was surprised at how nice the products in the box were. I paid $25 for this box and the total retail value is $89. I am glad I bought this one so I have mixed feelings of happy and sad because this is the last box.

Sorry I don’t have any coupon codes for you but if you would like to check out their website and make a purchase (until February 10 for everybody or anytime for China, Korea, and US residents), than you can do so at

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional image and product descriptions taken from the Memebox website. All other images and opinions are honest and my own. This box was purchased with my own money.

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