Project Pan 2015 – Month Three Update

Hey everyone! My apologies for not posting for a few weeks. I have been in a bit of a blog funk and its been hard to get myself motivated. However, I am going to try and get back into it and I will start that off with my third Project Pan update! I do have to warn you that this was my least productive month so far, and was a little discouraging to be honest. They can’t all be super productive though so that is alright.



Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil in Swankified

This is the only product that I was able to fully finish this month and I finished it within the first week of March. Along with a blogging slump, I wasn’t trying too hard with my Project Pan stuff so clearly I didn’t make as much progress as I have been so far this year. This product was received for free. It isn’t my favourite scent but it is nice, and I was using it as a before bed perfume.



Derma E BB Creme in Light Tint

I tried to squeeze the air out of some of the tube so you could see how much was left in this but obviously that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I would say that the product is probably from the cap to the right hand side of the flower in the logo. I have been trying to use this one as much as I can. The problem with this product is that even though it is a light tint, it isn’t quite the right colouring for me. It is light but it is a little bit too orange for me. I have been using it though so I’m hoping to finish this one up before too long. In terms of the actual product I like it so if there were a shade that worked better for me, I would probably purchase it.


Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Strawberry Sparkler

I find it hard for me to go through body wash too quickly because I keep several different bottles in the shower at a time. I like to mix it up with the scents so it takes me a bit longer to go through each bottle. You can see from the fill line that I have definitely made some progress since the last update. This scent is alright but isn’t my favourite. I’m not sure if I would repurchase this scent.


The Face Shop Dessert Lip Balm in Strawberry Jam

The picture on the left is from the last update and the one on the right is the current update. It may not look like there is too much of a difference in the amount but there definitely is. I am still using this most nights before bed and it is definitely going down so I am hoping to have it finished within the next couple of updates.


Maybelline Falsies Mascara in Blackest Black

I really like the Falsies mascara. I think it does a great job of lengthening, I just wish it added more volume because my eyelashes are pretty long without any mascara. This one is getting older so it is starting to clump more. I will probably get rid of this at the next update just to keep it from being too old.


Maybelline Falsies Mascara in Brownish Black

I really like the browner mascara for low key makeup days or when I am just running out of the house quickly. This is in the same state as the black mascara above so I think I will get rid of it at the next update too. I would repurchase both though for sure!

Well, that is it for this month. I promise that I am going to be putting out some more posts very shortly and I have some unboxings, hauls, and collection posts coming up. Stay tuned for those and thank you for reading!

xo Amanda

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