Hydra-Total 5 Ultra-Even Ritual

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I know I haven’t been posting in a long time, life catches up with us and things slip away. However, I wanted to come write a post about some products that I received for free so that I could try them and write some reviews. Just as a note, the fact that I received these for free does not impact my opinion on these products and so everything you will read is my honest opinion.

The products that I received are from a new skincare line from L’Oreal called Hydra-Total 5. There are several different options but the line that I received was the Ultra-Even line, meant to help even out skin tone as well as hydrating, illuminating, and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


There are four products in the Ultra-Even line: a scrub, a toner, a lotion, and a moisturizer. I have been testing all four products out since I received them and have been able to form an opinion on them now.


First, we have the Ultra-Even Scrub. L’Oreal claims that this scrub will cleanse, exfoliate, even skin tone, illuminate, and smooth. I have been using this scrub twice a day, once when I wake up, and once before I go to bed. I was a little bit worried about the texture of the scrub, since it is finely milled, I didn’t want it to be too abrasive of an exfoliant. This is especially true because for some reason lately, I’ve been breaking out which is unusual for me, and I didn’t want this scrub to be irritating my problem areas.

I have really been enjoying the texture of this scrub! It doesn’t feel too harsh but is exfoliating enough to feel like it’s really cleaning your face. My face definitely feels clean after using it and does feel smooth, although it is still important to make sure you moisturize after using it. I have normal skin that isn’t sensitive to new products so I can’t speak to other skin types, but I am quite enjoying this and think that it will replace my regular face scrub!


The next product that I was sent is the Ultra-Even Toner. This toner is said to tone, remove impurities, even skin tone, illuminate, and smooth. Now, I use toners every day, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure they do all that they claim. This isn’t referring to this toner specifically, but rather toners in general. I’m not sure if the product can illuminate and smooth your skin or not. What I look for in a toner, is whether it helps get extra residue off of my skin and out of my pores so that my moisturizer can be more effective.

I have been using this toner twice a day as well, immediately after cleansing both morning and night. I do notice that there is extra stuff coming off of my face when I use this toner so I consider it a success! It does have a scent to it that reminds me of a lemon household cleaner but I kind of like the smell. The only problem is the use of alcohol in the toner which isn’t great for the skin but isn’t a complete deal breaker for me. This isn’t the best toner I’ve ever used but I do like it so I think I would repurchase.


Next up, we have the Ultra-Even Lotion. This lotion has SPF 20 which is absolutely great because it seems like not enough skincare lines place a focus on including SPF. This one claims to moisturize, even skin tone, protect, illuminate, and smooth. I always worry a little bit about the consistency of products with SPF. I find that they can be thick and gummy, and don’t spread or absorb very well. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It spreads nicely, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t have much of a scent. I have been using this only in the morning between my toner and moisturizer and have been quite happy with it. This is another product that I would repurchase.


Finally, we received the Ultra-Even moisturizer which is said to moisturize, reduce dark spots, even skin tone, illuminate, and smooth. This product is quite a bit thicker than the lotion and that worried me a little bit in terms of spread and absorption once again. I don’t like moisturizers to take a long time to absorb because in the morning, I hate waiting forever to be able to put my makeup on. This moisturizer absorbs so quickly though, it was astonishing! I am really happy with this moisturizer, I feel like it has been improving the dryness in my skin since I’ve been using it which is really important since the winter air is so hard on my face. I would repurchase this one too!

I have been making a conscious effort to be using all of these products so that I can give an effective review of them. The only product outside of this line that I’ve been using is my eye cream, and that’s just because this line does not have it’s own eye cream. I have found all of the products in this line to be effective and would repurchase all of them! Like I said, I have normal skin without sensitivities so I would recommend the product to people of similar skin type but can not speak to how it would work for others. I would say this product is definitely worth trying out and it is relatively low cost in the realm of skin care which is great!

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