Indulge Me Box January 2015

January Box

So here we are with the Indulge Me Box for January 2015. This is my second month with this subscription and it is only the third box that the company has put out. Indulge Me Box is Canadian and costs $20 a month with free shipping to Canadians (US residents can get it with an additional shipping fee of $6). This box is said to be a combination of beauty/accessories/lifestyle and there are supposed to be 4-5 items per box.

Now, Indulge Me Box did send out an email in December saying that starting with the February box, there would be a $5 shipping fee added for Canadians. This is quite disappointing for me. I feel like all the US subscription boxes give free shipping for their US residents (which I am so jealous of) and that getting free shipping for a Canadian boxes is just one of the perks. After this email, I decided to see what I thought of the January box to figure out if I feel it is worth $25 to me or if I wanted to cancel. Let’s see what we got!

January Card FrontJanuary Card Back


I’m not sure if this is a result of the shipping process or not but the presentation of this box was a bit of a mess. It looked like everything had just been thrown in with a piece of tissue paper shoved in amongst it. Last month had beautiful packaging so I was expecting something similar. I was already a little bit disappointed upon opening the box.


It’s winter time and the only thing we want to do is get cozy, watch our favourite movie and drink a cup of hot tea. Pretty Tea is the perfect tea for that. Their tea ensures the satisfaction of your tastebuds – from the pureness of the High Mountain green tea to their warm spicy teas.

This pouch of tea contains 25 grams and is valued at $3.50. I’m not sure if there were various tea flavours that went out because it doesn’t state a flavour on the card but I would be interesting to see what else there was. If you have been reading my blog, you may know that I do not drink tea but my mom does so I am going to pass this along to her. The flavour that I got is called Lady in Blue and it is an earl grey that features lavender blossoms for extra flavour. We will have to see what mom thinks of it but I do feel this is a nice addition to the box for this time of year.

Lip BalmLip Balm Swatch

Fresh Cream Tinted Lip Balm is ultimate feminine lip balm is truly rich and creamy, made of the finest ingredients renown for their moisturizing and healing qualities, such as Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil. Every lip balm has a bit of tint and is freshly made just 2 weeks before shipping.

This lip balm is from Fresh Cream and it is valued at $3.50. Once again, I’m not sure if there were various flavours/scents or not but mine is Cherry Tint with gold shimmer. It does have a slight tint and it feels really nice and moisturizing. I am happy with this product and it will get used, although I do have what feels like a hundred lip balms scattered here and there. I must say, I also really like that it says it is made so soon before shipping. I’m not sure if it makes a difference with lip balm or not but let’s pretend it does!

     Sugar ScrubSugar Scrub Open

Yumm! That’s the first thought that comes to mind when we open this sugar scrub’s jar. Their sugar Whipped Soap is a convenient scrub and soap in one! Fine sugar gently polishes and softens skin, with tons of bubbly lather and skin loving moisturizers! Use every day and make your skin happy.

This soap/scrub is from Naiad Soap Arts and is valued at $6.57 for 2 oz. My scent is Raspberry Bellini and I am thinking there are other scents because the picture on the card is Orange Sherbet. I would be very interested in seeing what other scents there were. This scent is fine, it is kind of like a raspberry/perfumey/soapy kind of smell. The texture is very cool though. I had a whipped soap in my Fortune Cookie Soap box that had deflated during shipping but this one is quite spongy and held up. I have a couple soaps I am trying to get through at the moment but I will try this after that. Even if it is nice though, I feel like $6.57 for 2 oz. is a lot. Maybe that’s just me being cheap…


These beautiful hoop earrings are semi handmade by people at Karma boutique which is a NY based family run accessory shop. These are lead compliant earrings with approx. 2.5″ inch drop.

These earrings aren’t horrible but they also aren’t my favourite. Even though the look of them isn’t the worst, they are HUGE. I tried one of them on and it not only looked gargantuan beside my face, they were also so heavy. The actual earring part (the part that goes through the hole…obviously I have no idea what it’s called when it’s not just a post) is really thin so it bends just from the actual weight of the earring. These are valued at $12 but I can’t see myself wearing them.

Feather Braid

Try something new this year with this lightly feathered braid string. This can be used in many ways from a trendy hair band to a beautiful hair accessory.

I need to be honest about this one. I do not like it at all and I will never wear it. This was the first thing I saw when I opened the box and I was so unhappy with it. This is valued at $8 which is wasted box value in my opinion. I’m not going to say much else about this because I don’t want to sound too negative.

Facial Mask

We wanted to fully indulge you this month so we decided to add this detox mask from Indie Shop of Toronto. This mask has capability to deep clean the skin. So start a new year with new refreshed skin. This mask can be used twice.

This is one thing I am actually excited about in the box, although it is only valued at $1. It is a Green & White dry mask that you mix with water and apply. I really love facial masks and I love that I will be able to get two uses out of this. I will be using this for sure!

Ok, let’s chat about this. I paid $20 for this box (which starting next month will be $25) and the given retail value of the box is $34.57 which isn’t great. On top of this, there are a number of products I won’t use. For the products that I will use, the value is $11.07 (or $14.57 if you include the tea that my mom will at least try). For $20 this isn’t worth it to me, and it definitely would not be worth it if I were paying $25. So, I have decided to cancel this subscription. I really wanted to love this box because it is Canadian but there are other services that I would rather try out with that money.

That being said, I would like to tell you my sort of pros and cons with this subscription service because even though it isn’t my cup of tea, it may be something that you would really love.

Let’s start with the pros. I do like that this subscription tries to use smaller companies products. It gives those companies a chance to get their name out there and it also gives subscribers a chance to discover these great companies. Within Canada, the shipping is pretty quick. I can not speak for the shipping to the US, but I do appreciate not having to wait a week longer than everyone else to get my box (it’s hard to avoid spoilers for that long!) I also like how there are a variety of types of products in these boxes (even if some of them don’t suit me all that much).

Now for the cons. I do not think that for me personally, the value is there for this box. Even if I would use every single item in this box, the value is not too much higher than what I paid which is a little bit disappointing. However, I do understand that this is a new service so it may take some time to get those higher value products in the box. This is really the biggest issue for me with this box, because I can not see myself accepting the new $25 cost with the value that we are getting.

Like I have said previously in this post, the products in here are just not for me. This is my own opinion and it does not mean that other people won’t find it exciting and amazing! The owner of this company seems very nice and so I am not trying to bash the service, just to state my own personal opinion. I will be very interested to follow along with the progress of the company to see what else they will include in future boxes.

If you would like to take a look at what this box is all about, you can find them at or you can check them out on their facebook or twitter.

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: I purchased this box with my own money. All photos and opinions are honest and my own. 


Indulge Me Box December 2014

December Box Open

So here we are with the Indulge Me Box for December 2014. This is my first month with this subscription and it is only the second box that the company has put out. Indulge Me Box is Canadian and costs $20 a month with free shipping to Canadians (US residents can get it with an additional shipping fee of $6). This box is said to be a combination of beauty/accessories/lifestyle and there are supposed to be 4-5 items per box.

December 2014 Card

Alright, let’s see what came in the box this month.


A cozy knit scarf from Bizou. Perfect for winter time.

The scarf was the spoiler item for December and it was what really made me want to try this box. I was so hoping for the white scarf with the owls and adorable colours that was shown on the Facebook page. I didn’t get that one though, I got this scarf that is a deep brown. I am okay with this because brown matches most things, I just seem to have a lot of brown scarves. Also, the tassels on this scarf are so long, I may trim them down a bit to suit my own style. This scarf was valued at $25.

Yankee Candle

A votive candle from America’s best loved Yankee Candles. Designed to give burn time of 15-17 hours.

I am okay with this item. I do really love candles, and Yankee Candle is great. I got the scent Sparkling Cinnamon which does smell nice and is perfect for the holiday season. I am wondering if there were a variety of scents that were sent out because the image on the card is for Apple Cider, I would like to see what other people got. My only issue with this candle is that votive candles are not my favourite but when I finish another candle I can use it to hold this one so it will get used for sure. These sell at Yankee Candle for $2.


Give your hands a royal treatment this winter with L’Occitane hand cream. Enriched with shea butter and vitamin E.

This is one item in the box that I really am excited for. I have been looking into L’Occitane a lot recently because it is supposed to be such high quality. The scent is very light so that is nice and it will definitely get used. This is the Rose 4 Reines scent and that is what is in the picture so I wonder if everyone got the same scent for this hand cream. Sephora sells this hand cream for $12.


Holiday time is perfect to get involved in some DIY. You have all the supplies you need to show your creativity.

This is the first item that I am really not super thrilled about. I get that DIY stuff counts as lifestyle items, and I think that there are a lot of DIY things that could have been really cute for this box. I’m just not seeing it so much with this one. The cardboard bits are like pillow packs that I guess could be used for gift cards or really small gifts.

However, the picture on the card has this beautiful almost lacy paper and cute twine that could be used to decorate it which would be rustic and very cute. My box came with a tiny piece of snowman wrapping paper and some red glittery mesh. I’m not sure if different boxes got different things to decorate with, but this just doesn’t scream cute to me. Maybe I am just complaining but this isn’t all that exciting for me. I would value this at maybe $1-2 worth of stuff…

Trend Trunk

A surprise gift card from Trend Trunk which is a social marketplace where you can buy, sell, donate amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun simple way.

Here comes Amanda the complainer again but I have a big issue with this being one of the items in the box. This is a card that gives you a PIN and card number to enter on the website to see how much it is worth. Mine of course was only worth $5 but you could have had up to $250 on it. This card would have been great if it did have the $250 but $5 is useless. I have already paid for the box, and now in order to use the $5 I got on this card, I would have to spend a great deal more money. I am really hoping that this is considered a bonus item on top of 4 box items because I don’t think this can count as an item on its own.

Cue the big sigh. This box is just okay for me. I paid $20 for the box, and the retail value of the items is about $40 (I’m not counting the Trend Trunk card). The things that came in the November box seemed really nice, and I was hoping that since this box was new, it would be really great. That being said, because it is still new, I’m sure there are some growing pains. It could just be me who feels this way, everyone else could totally love the box. I might just be the grumpy one.

To recap: I will definitely use the scarf and the candle, I’m excited about the hand cream, I may try and use the DIY stuff (but maybe not), and I will probably never spend that $5 from Trend Trunk. I am definitely not going to give up on Indulge Me Box because of one month that is just okay. I really want this Canadian company to succeed and I’m sure if I am patient, than I will be rewarded. The owner of this company seems really nice and I am interested in seeing where things go.

If you would like to take a look at what this box is all about, you can find them at or you can check them out on their facebook or twitter.

We will see what January 2015 brings for Indulge Me Box!

xo Amanda

Indulge Me Box

As a Canadian, it really excites me to see Canadian subscription boxes on the market. I have only tried one so far and it hasn’t been my favourite. However, today I found postings about a new Canadian subscription service that seems pretty exciting!

The box is called the Indulge Me Box and it is based out of Montreal. This box is $20 a month and is supposed to contain a mix of makeup, skin care, accessories, and other surprise items. If you live in the US and would like to get this box, you can, but you must pay an extra fee for shipping. Shipping to Canadians is included in the price of the box which is great!

The inaugural box will be shipping out any day now and it is the November box. I have seen some sneak peeks of this box and it looks like it includes a mix of well known brands as well as local Canadian companies which I absolutely love!

From other posts that I have seen, the creator of Indulge Me Box is very good at communicating with customers when she is contacted but also through blog posts and other social media. It really seems like this will be a box that tries to make its customers happy so I am excited to see the things that are included in future boxes.

I signed up to receive the December box (the next available one) which means that I will be billed November 15. I like this because if my recurring billing time was now, I would be paying for my January box before I even receive my December box.

There is a spoiler on the website for the December box which is kind of what pushed me to try this box out. I won’t post what it is here in case anyone wants to sign up and doesn’t want spoilers. I completely understand this because I usually try and avoid them myself. If you would like to take a look at what this box is all about, you can find them at or you can check them out on their facebook or twitter.

If you decide to sign up for this box, let me know! I am curious about how popular this box will be and what people think of it 🙂

xo Amanda