Subscriptions I Would Like to Try

I will be the first person to admit that life got the better of me and I sacrificed the blog in order to take care of other things. I did really enjoy writing the blog while I was doing it. I also still receive several subscription boxes. That being said, I am going to try and start off 2017 by getting back into the blog. The topic I would like to start the year off with is one that I have written about before: subscription boxes that sound interesting to me.

If you have ever read any of my blog posts from previous years, you would know that subscription boxes are a bit of an addiction for me. I am fairly confident that if I hadn’t become so interested in them back in 2013 (I believe), than my student loans would already be paid off. That’s neither here nor there at this point though. My loans are still there and my subscriptions still make me happy so I just have to come to terms with that so here we are.

The boxes that I currently subscribe to are:

  • Ipsy
  • Luxebox
  • The Soap Box (Fortune Cookie Soap)
  • Love With Food
  • Universal Yums

I think that’s all of them? Yikes, that makes me wonder if there are more that I am forgetting about (like there need to be more, really). I am always searching for boxes that I think I would enjoy, and can afford. One of my problems is that I live in Canada. Not that living in Canada is a problem, I really do love it. However, when it comes to subscription boxes, there are 3 main obstacles for Canadians.

  1. A lot of boxes do not ship to Canada at all. There are tons of boxes that I have had my eye on that just don’t ship up here and it makes me pretty sad. I can understand why they don’t, but I have selfish interests at heart.
  2. When boxes do ship to Canada, there is usually an obscene flat rate for shipping that I am just not willing to pay. Where a box in the US will ship anywhere in the US for free, it costs $20 USD to get it to me. As a note, I am just a 2.5-3 hour drive from the border so that $20 stings even more.
  3. The current third hurdle, that has been in the way for quite awhile now, is the horrible exchange rate. While a price may look good, you get the cruel reminder on your credit card statement that the price was listed in US Dollars. Once that exchange comes through, you realize how much more you had to pay just for living in Canada.

Most of the boxes that I subscribe to are American so clearly I like them enough to take the financial hit to have them. It’s hard to make the decision to take the plunge, though, when the cost can be so high. Sometimes I will gift myself a short subscription so that I don’t have the commitment but can try it out to see if I want to fully subscribe.

I have a previous post where I wrote about the boxes I would love to try. Some of the ones I wrote about in that post were:

  • Naturebox
    • I did have a chance to try Naturebox and I was subscribed for quite awhile. This was one that was quite costly for me with the exchange rate but I did enjoy the snacks a lot. The snacks I received started to become repetitive though and it stopped being worth the money for me so I stopped receiving the service.
  • MunchPak
    • I still have not tried this one but it does still interest me. I have really been into snack boxes lately so there is still a chance that I will try this one.
  • Mystery Chocolate Box
    • I also haven’t tried this one but I am considering it in the next few months. I have gifted myself a Chococurb subscription. They will no longer be shipping to Canada but will be honouring prior purchases so once that subscription runs out, I may try Mystery Chocolate Box.

There were others but there aren’t any others that I have tried. There are some boxes that I’m planning on trying this year or that are newer on the scene than my previous post so they are the ones that I am going to talk about today.


For those who have never heard of Chococurb, it is a chocolate subscription box. There are two different sized boxes you can receive: Chococurb Mini ($20) or Chococurb Classic ($35). The Mini comes with 3 items each month and the Classic comes with 5-7 items each month.

I am so excited to get my first Chococurb box. I really hope that I like it but I am also going to be disappointed if I do and then after a few months won’t be able to receive this box anymore. I will be sure to post reviews of the few months that I do receive though so you can see what my thoughts are.


HandPicked is a relatively new subscription box, with the first box only shipping out in September of 2016. The creator of this box is a blogger named Alexia who wanted to help people discover wonderful new beauty products, thus leading to the creation of her own box! Each month, subscribers will get 5 full sized products at a cost of $39.99 plus the cost of shipping.

This box looks so good to me, with full sized, high end products. This is another box where I run into the obstacle of the exchange rate to Canadian dollars. I would absolutely love to try this box at some point so I will have to keep an eye on it in the future when I have more money. For those of you that can afford it though, I would recommend trying it. I have seen the previous boxes and they look really great to me!

La Boîte à Bonbons

This subscription box is Canadian which is something that I really appreciate. Every month they send 1 kg of assorted candies (you get to choose between soft, sour, or a mix) and it seems there are 4 different types each month. This is a box that is $25 and only ships within Canada so for my fellow Canadians, this is one for us. I am definitely intrigued by this box and I am hoping to try it out in the future.

These are just some of the boxes that are interesting me at the moment. I look forward to getting back on track and getting to write about some of these in the near future!

What are some great new subscription boxes that you guys think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

xo Amanda


Nature Box Free Trial- January 2015


I know that recently I posted about several subscription services that I have been wanting to try. Right around that time, Naturebox launched their full website for Canadians which allowed the free trial to be purchased by us. You do need to pay the $7.95 shipping cost but you get 4 single serving sample packets of snacks and then one full sized bag of snacks as well. This allows you to get a feel for what their snacks are like, should you want to fully subscribe.

Be aware that purchasing the trial will automatically set up you up to be re-billed monthly for the full subscription unless you cancel before you are charged again. The monthly deluxe box is $19.95 monthly (plus shipping) and you get 5 full sized bags of snacks. They do have other size options which are: 3 snacks ($13.95 + shipping), 10 snacks ($29.95 + shipping), or 20 snacks ($49.95 + shipping). The shipping for Canadians is $7.95 per box. It used to be $4.95 but the cost went up for some reason when they launched the full site which isn’t the best. With the exchange rate at the moment, the cost can end up being fairly high. Let’s see what came in my trial box.

January 2015 Box.

Cranberry Medley BagCranberry Medley

Cranberry Medley

Looking for your midday snack boost? Munch on this fresh new take on dried blueberries and cranberries flavoured with pomegranate and açai. With no artificial sweeteners, this is one super snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you guilt-free.

I was worried that this one would just taste like dried cranberries which I don’t mind but they can be a little tart/bitter. These were really tasty! They have a sweetness to them which is just great. I haven’t decided yet how I want to eat these. Either by the handful or mixed in with my cereal in the morning.

Garden Tomato Crunchies BagGrden Tomato Crunchies

Garden Tomato Crunchies

These Crunchies are a great choice for all the almond fans out there – the bite-sized pieces let you enjoy an effortless almond crunch. Plus, the tangy flavors of summer tomato satisfy a savory craving even when you can’t get your hands on a vine-ripened variety.

I was pretty excited to be getting these. Almonds aren’t my favourite but I love that these are just almond pieces. I also love tomato so I was looking forward to trying them. At first taste I thought they were just alright but I find myself returning to the little bag to have some more. I wouldn’t say they just taste like tomato, but there is something so familiar about them to me. I almost want to say that they remind me of the pizza flavoured Pringle Stix. I’m not sure if that’s what it is or not but it might be.

Jalapeno Cashews BagJalapeno Cashews

Jalapeño Cashews

Grab your favorite ice-cold beverage and kick up your feet as you enjoy these Southwestern-inspired cashews. With minimal ingredients, these savory cashews have the protein you need to help you feel fuller longer. The spicy kick from jalapeño seasoning makes for a fiery crunch that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Pouring these out, I didn’t they looked all that seasoned but I guess that’s how they make them healthier. Usually seasoned products have a more granulated seasoning on them but it is a lot of salt in those. I do love seasoned things so finding a healthier option is great for me! These are such an interesting snack. They aren’t really spicy like you would think something would be when it is jalapeño flavoured. However, they do have that super yummy jalapeño taste! I am super excited about these! I know that nuts are good for you, but generally I don’t like them enough to just snack on them. These will be a better option for me than regular seasoned nuts would be.

Sea Salt Sun Crunch BagSea Salt Sun Crunch

Sea Salt Sun-Crunch

You’ve had an early dinner so the snack attack starts around 8pm. You don’t normally get into the habit of late-night eating but a few bites won’t hurt. Crunch on this savory snack with a hint of salt and a complete sunflower crispiness. Just round it out with an ice-cold glass of fruit-infused water!

For some reason, I was picturing these as thin crackers but they really are quite thick. You can see from the picture that they are just loaded with sunflower seeds. They definitely look pretty healthy! These certainly are crunchy which is awesome because there are many times when I am craving something crunchy to snack on but can’t find anything in the cupboard. They do taste relatively salty but it shouldn’t be too bad as long as you aren’t sitting eating the whole bag.

Blueberry Nom Noms BagBlueberry Nom Noms

Blueberry Nom Noms

Sink your teeth into these soft baked Nom Noms- they are almost like the cookie dough your mom wouldn’t let you eat as a kid, but good for you!

Now, let me preface this one with me saying that I had seen a lot of people getting nom noms (in different flavours) as their full sized item and I wasn’t particularly excited about it. I didn’t really want to get them because there were other things that I would have rather tried. I did get them and silly me, what did I know about anything before. These are really tasty! You only get about 5 in a package but they are really big and dense. You wouldn’t need much of this to fill you up. I am glad that I got to try these ones!

I am really happy with my sampler pack for Naturebox! I think that I will get a full months worth and see how I feel about it. It can be a little expensive with the shipping cost and exchange rate but maybe this will help me be a healthier snacker which would be good for sure! Talking with my brother and my dad I offered to get a bigger box if they wanted to split it with me. Just to share the love and lower the cost of course! At this point, I would recommend Naturebox to friends, especially if they lived in the US and actually only had to pay $20 a month for it.

If you would like to check out Naturebox for yourself, you can find their website at

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional images and product descriptions are taken from the Naturebox website. All other pictures and opinions are honest and my own.