Ipsy March 2015

For those of you who don’t know what Ipsy is, it is a monthly beauty subscription service. The cost is $10 per month plus $5 shipping per month to Canada. When you sign up, you take a little quiz about your preferences and details about yourself and they use that to choose appropriate products for you. Each month you will get a beautiful pink bubble mailer and inside is a cosmetics bag with the products inside. The cosmetics bag is different each month which is kind of cool! You can review products and share on social media in order to get Ipsy points which you can accumulate to buy certain products.



The theme for March was Floral Fantasy which I like and the bag for this month was pretty nice so I was impressed with that. Let’s see what came in my March bag!


Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels

Eye gels and eye masks are such a big thing right now and I really enjoy them. Everyone who got this in their glam bag received two pairs which I think is really great because it gives you a better idea of whether or not you like them. I have already tried a pair of these and I found them so refreshing! These might be my favourite eye gels out of all the ones I’ve tried to date!

A full size box contains 8 pairs and retails for $30, making these 2 pairs worth about $7.50.


Acure Day Cream

Since I have so many creams lined up from my Memeboxes in the past, a day cream isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing in the world for me. I would much rather try various makeup products but it is nice to mix it up every once in awhile. I know that I have tried skincare that I’ve received in past Ipsy bags and really enjoyed them so I can’t make a snap judgement. I will definitely try this out at some point.

A full size of this is 1.75 oz and retails for $18.99, making this 1 oz sample worth about $10.86.


Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Apricot Glow

From what I can tell, this little duo was made for Ipsy but I am not 100% sure on that one. I quite like using Pixi shadows, and have a palette from them that I really enjoy. These colours are beautiful and are definitely the kinds of colours I wear on a daily basis. I have such mixed opinions on the colours I get from Ipsy. I have mostly gotten neutrals which means I end up with a lot of single shadows that are near the same colour. However, I wear those kinds of colours and if I were getting blues and greens all the time, I would be complaining that I never get wearable colours. So, that being said, I am very happy with what I have received here.



Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter

I remember before I subscribed to Ipsy, I watched through so many videos of past bags. I remember seeing this Chella highlighter in some of the earlier bags, thinking it looked cool, and being a little sad that I wouldn’t ever get it because it had already been featured. Fast forward to this March bag and I got it! I quite like the effect it has, although it can be a little tough to blend. I think the colour is perfect for me and once I get the hang of how much I should be using, I will be even happier with it!

I think this might be a full size of the product, making is $18, but I could be wrong about that.


NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Pops

I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. First of all, I am a bit of a lipstick junkie these days so I am super happy to have received this in my bag. There were a couple colours you could have gotten. This one, a berry-ish pink, and a brighter pink I believe. I am happy to have received this more nude shade because it is perfect for daily wear. Not only that, but it feels so lovely to wear. It goes on so smoothly and just feels lovely. This is by far my favourite item in the bag!

I’m really happy about this bag! I received quite a few items that I am pretty excited about and everything in the bag will get used so that is a success to me. The overall value of this bag was $46.36 which is pretty good so I would say it’s a win!

If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy, you can use my link http://www.ipsy.com/r/c762?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general or you can check them out without my link at www.ipsy.com

Let me know what you got in your December Ipsy bag!

xo Amanda

Disclaimer: This bag was purchased with my own money. All pictures and opinions are honest and my own. 


Memebox Special #72 Makeup Edition 3


If you’re like us, your makeup bag is most likely overflowing with old mascara, cracked eyeshadows, dry lipsticks…and a long list of stuff that should have been thrown out last month. Updating your look doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Give your makeup stand a good cleaning, and fill it up with the best K-Beauty makeup products of 2014! This box is brimming with top quality skin perfectors, eye makeup essentials, lip loves, and much, much more!

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Sometimes if boxes are due to ship at the same time, they will have bundles so that there is only one shipping cost.

I bought this as part of my second Memebox order, and this was in the same order I purchased my Tinkerbell box which I received quite awhile ago. I was quite excited about getting some new, interesting makeup to try so let’s see what we got!

**Sorry the lighting is worse than usual, I promise I have a temporary solution worked out for posts after this one!**

Makeup 3 Box

Makeup 3 Card FrontMakeup 3 Card Back

Color World Concealer

Color World Concealer Swatch

Color World Double Cover Concealer 1.5 g ($14)

A dual concealer with a rounder stick type on one end and a finer tup pencil type on another, each catered to cover up smaller and larger skin imperfections. Its creamy, soft touch applies smoothly onto skin, blending well with base makeup with high coverage.

How to Use: Apply the rounder stick over larger blemishes and the finer pencil over smaller spots and freckles.

This product was randomly selected from light beige and beige. I got beige which is a bit too dark and orange toned for my skin. I will need to try it out because the orange may be nice for under my eyes but if it is too dark than it will be a no go for me. I did try and cover the freckles on my hand and it didn’t seem to cover too much so we will see how this goes. I do love trying out new concealers so this isn’t a total wash just yet.

     Dr MJ CushionDr MJ Cushion Swatch

Dr.MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion SPF50+PA+++ 10g ($54)

Normal cushion BBs, when applied multiple times over and over, usually end up ruining the initial dewy look that you started with in the morning. However, Dr.MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion is closer to a skin care formula than a simple BB, because it’s packed with rich nutrients from snail filtrates and various moisturizing agents for adding more radiance and glow to the skin with multiple applications. Free of paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, talc, and alcohol.

I have only tried one BB cushion before and it was a sample of the Laneige cushion that I got in an Ipsy bag. I really liked that one so I was excited to see this in the box. I can’t seem to find a shade on this packaging but from the swatch, you can see it is pretty close to my skin tone and it blends out nicely. I haven’t tried this on my face yet but let me tell you, on the back of my hand this feels absolutely beautiful! It felt smooth and soft. It also gave the back of my hand a wonderfully smooth coverage. I am so excited to try this on my face! This is a big win for me!

Shara Shara Highlight

Shara Shara Skin Light-Up 02 Gold Beam 1ea ($11)

A creamy stick type highlighter for adding 3D definition and radiance to any makeup look. The hologram pearl-infused formula glides smoothly onto skin with a moist touch but then leaves a silky, powdery finish. It also comes with an attached blending sponge on the other end. 

I have really been into using highlighters lately. This one is a golden colour that is similar to the Peripera Heart Glow Stick from the Thanksgiving #2 Box. I find I like the more golden toned highlighters compared with the white to pink coloured ones. I think the lighter ones give a more dewy look which would be perfect for spring and summer, where the golden ones just give a little bit of a deeper glow which is nice for this time of year. I didn’t realize there was a sponge with this until a little later which I really like because most of the time I blend highlighters with my fingers. I am happy to have this product!

           Shara Shara Lip Gloss

Shara Shara Lip Gloss Swatch

Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss CR01 Shimmering Sunset Coral 4.5g ($11)

A sheer, lovely coral colour that could be used as both a lip tint and a lip gloss. It melts onto lips to instantly replenish while creating a tinted oil barrier over lips – thus a long-lasting shine and gloss.

I have so many lip glosses. A gross amount really, and I don’t love glosses. I wear my NYX Butter Glosses all the time at work, but other than that, I can be quite picky with glosses because they are so sticky. I wish Memebox would send out a beautiful (not orange) lipstick to try. This is a coral colour that leans more towards the orange side for me. I haven’t tried this on my lips yet but just from swatching it, I am not super excited about the colour. Maybe it will be one of those colours that I put on my lips and it looks really nice. We will have to see about this one.

Shara Shara Liner

Shara Shara Liner Swatch

Shara Shara Drawing Brush Liner 1g ($9)

A brush type liner in natural black, this Drawing Brush liner is perfect for any look from daily natural makeup all the way to smoky makeup. The soft brush tip easily glides onto lids and creates sophisticated, deeper-looking eyes in just 10 seconds.

I am actually quite happy to have this liner! I love using liquid liner and I love trying new ones out so I am pleased that this was in the box. Some reviews I have read found that this was not very pigmented and tough to use. I didn’t have any problems. I think it is easy to apply and the colouring of it is nice so I am really happy to have gotten this! Another win for me!

I am not disappointed with this box but I wouldn’t say I am over the moon about it either. I paid about $25 for this box (after discount code and using points) and the retail value of the box is $99. This value is driven way up by the BB cushion which is valued at $54.

Now, there is one thing to be said. Something interesting has happened with me since I started getting Memeboxes. Before getting them, I was terrible at taking care of my skin. I didn’t really have a routine, I would moisturize inconsistently, I didn’t use toners/essences/serums/ampoules or any of that kind of stuff. I did love makeup (and still do) so when I started ordering Memeboxes, they were primarily makeup based.

Once I started getting boxes that weren’t makeup based, I formed this crazy skincare routine that I have stuck to pretty well considering what I did before. I haven’t received any real holy grail makeup products from Memebox but have gotten some stellar skincare items that I love. Now, I don’t want to get as much makeup from Memebox, just really cool skincare items. Although this box was alright, I am just too excited to get my upcoming boxes that have cleansers, and creams, and masks. I can’t wait.

Sorry this has been a little long winded but I did want to say it’s not the box’s fault that I didn’t love it. I have just become a lover of skincare, which I wouldn’t say is a bad thing. If you have stuck it out this far in the post than kudos to you and I really appreciate you reading!

If you would like to make any purchases from Memebox, feel free to use my affiliate link or codes below to do so! The first three codes are valid until January 31 2015.


3ZDS74 for $3 off on orders above $30 (S&H and taxes do not apply)

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xo Amanda

Disclaimer: Promotional image taken from the Memebox website, all other images are my own. I have purchased this box with my own money and all opinions are honest and my own.

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You

Thanksgiving 2


Looking for a unique way to say thank you to that special someone this fall season? Need a gift idea for your mom, sister, or friend hosting 2014 Thanksgiving dinner? Then, opt for this ready-made luxury gift box, specially designed with a Thanksgiving themed box design, and a personal Thanksgiving holiday greeting! Pamper that special lady with this amazing limited edition bursting with the ultimate collection of K-Beauty skin care, makeup, and more!

I am way too excited that my Thanksgiving bundle has arrived! I only bought it last week and I was still far too impatient waiting for it, especially when I was trying to avoid the spoilers online. I bought this box in a bundle with the Thanksgiving Collection #2 For You box for $58.99 including the $6.99 shipping (with free upgrade to express shipping). I also had a coupon code so it cost me a total of $48.99 for both boxes (about 24.50 per box including shipping).

If you have not heard of Memebox, it is a Korean beauty box that contains a variety of skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. There are several types of boxes, including: memeboxes, superboxes, nakedboxes, and boxes that are set around a particular theme. The prices vary depending on the type of box that you get and can range from $15-$80 I believe. Most of the regular boxes are $23 and then you also have to pay $6.99 shipping for each box. You have to keep an eye on the shipping dates for each box because it can be months away, that way you aren’t frustrated wondering why the shipping takes so long. Sometimes if boxes are due to ship at the same time, they will have bundles so that there is only one shipping cost. Let’s take a look at the first Thanksgiving box!



admin-ajax (1)admin-ajax (2)

Now, let’s be honest. This box may be called “for you” but I am definitely keeping them both for myself. After opening the boxes, I was more excited for this one than the other but they are both great. Let’s see what is in this box!

            admin-ajax (3)admin-ajax (4) admin-ajax (5)

Vivoto Illust Lumiere Primer 30 ml ($50)

A lightweight primer that creates an invisible barrier between skin and makeup to prime your face for extra radiance and glow. Ideal for drier skins, this hydrating formula nourishes with moisture-rich blend of lavender water and bergamot leaf extracts to soothe and prime the skin, allowing foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh all day long. Its ‘elastic smoothing powder’ component helps control excess oil and sebum while thinly covering up visible pores and fine lines as well.

How to use: Apply alone or mix it with foundation or BB cream.

I am excited to get this primer! I am using a sample one right now that I really don’t love and this being a full size product worth $50 (although that is probably inflated) is great! I am really excited about the fact that it is ideal for dry skin because my skin is on the normal to dry side. I am hoping this means it will stop my makeup from clinging to any dry patches. I’m also hoping this isn’t too shimmery underneath my makeup. Excited to try this!

       admin-ajax (6)admin-ajax (7)

Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream 50 ml ($18)

A nourishing moisturizer packed with rich nutrients from 30 different kinds of plan oil complex including grape seed oil, rosehip oil, and green tea seed oil. Delivers instant moisture surge and glowing radiance to dry, tired face as if letting the skin take a rejuvenating winter sleep! It will take care of dry patches and protect from external damages by locking in moisture for over 48 hours.

How to use: Apply directly to face, body, or hair.

I haven’t cracked right into this jar yet because I feel like I have too many creams on the go as it is. From what I can tell though, this is actually a thick balm rather than a cream. I’m not so sure I would use it in my hair but would definitely use it on my really dry patches. For me, this is usually small patches on my face, my elbows, and the bottoms of my feet. With the cold weather already here, this could definitely come in handy this winter!

         admin-ajax (8)admin-ajax (9)

Shara Shara Brush Set 5ea ($24)

A set of makeup brushes from Shara Shara packaged into a lovely, pink metallic pouch. It contains 5 brushes in total each designed for different purposes – 1 big fat brush for applying powder, 3 medium sized brushes for applying eye makeup, and 1 thinner and softer brush for applying lip makeup

I’m not super thrilled about the quality of these brushes. I was considering giving them as a part of a Christmas gift but I don’t think they are high enough quality to pass on to anyone. However, they will be handy to keep in my brush collection as back up brushes. I just wish that the sponge wasn’t one of the “brushes” included. They could have picked another nice medium sized eye brush that would have suited the set better.

        admin-ajax (10)admin-ajax (11)

Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm 12g ($24)

Formulated with orange peel oil, grape extracts, blackberry extracts, and Vitamin E, this Painting Sweet Lip Balm works to moisturize and revive dry, chapped lips. It’s scented with a sweet fruity fragrance and its unique jelly-like balm texture is also a fun, unique feature to take note of.

The scent/flavour options for this product were 01 Orange Farm and 03 Grape Farm. I got 03 Grape Farm, which I wasn’t thrilled about at first because I usually don’t like artificial grape scents. However, once I smelled it, I loved it! In the pot, this is just a clear balm. I put some on my lips while I was taking pictures and thought it felt pretty nice. Then came the surprise when I looked in the mirror a little while later. My lips were pink! I’m talking a fairly pigmented pink. I had no idea that the colour would change once it was on my lips, and the colour lasted forever! I love this product, although next time I will apply it when I am actually looking in the mirror because I coloured a little bit outside the lines last time haha.

       admin-ajax (12)admin-ajax (13)

Peripera Heart Glow Stick 02 Gold Aura 6.5g ($14)

This Heart Glow Stick in Gold Aura is a natural volume & radiance adding highlight packaged into an easy-to-carry mini stick. It’s gentle, creamy formula, consisting of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and deep ocean water, apply smoothly onto skin without being flaky or dry and work to add that perfectly dewy and voluminous glow to your completion.

How to Use: Lightly rub the Glow Stick over foundation onto cheekbones, nose, and any other parts of face that you wish to highlight.

I was super excited to see this in the box! I haven’t owned a highlight before but have been looking for one to try (I’m indecisive, what can I say?). I really do like the colour of this one and it blends out nicely so that it doesn’t look too golden. I think this will be even better in the summer if I can manage to get a bit of colour onto my skin. Awesome product!

admin-ajax (14)

with shyan Nail Lacquer 15 ml ($4)

The nail lacquers from with shyan are highly prized for their neon vividness that glides onto your nails smoothly and evenly without leaving any brush marks. The colour of the packaging bottle is exactly what you’ll see on your nails.

In this box you could have gotten Blue Violet, Neon Green, Pink Lady, or Neon Purple. I clearly got the Pink Lady and I am okay with this, it is a really nice colour and will be great in the summertime. I would have liked to try the Blue Violet too!

       admin-ajax (15)admin-ajax (16)

SARACEN Fluorescent Glitter 13g ($6)

SARACEN’s Fluorescent Glitters come in 4 different hexagonal colours – gold, silver, black, and blue. These metallic glitters sparkle differently from varying angles, giving your nails an additional vitality and splendor!

How to Use: Apply a layer of any nail colour and before it dries completely, sprinkle the Fluorescent Glitter on your nails, making sure to fill it thoroughly. Apply a top coat to finish off when it’s completely dried.

With the holidays so close, I am a little sad that I didn’t get the gold or silver. That being said, I am definitely glad I didn’t get the blue. I think that I will use these glitters for a completely covered accent nail. The only issue with this is that you don’t get a ton and when you open the lid, the glitter gets everywhere because it is so light and seems to cling to everything. I am excited to see how this looks though!

admin-ajax (17)

Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet 23 ml x 2ea ($2)

Replenish your complexion into a baby-face with this milk mask sheet rich in milk protein nutrients, fresh raspberry extracts, Vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid which all work to moisturize, protect, and balance out the skin for a healthier complexion.

How to Use: Spread the mask sheet evenly over clean face. Rest 15-20 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining mask essence for full absorbance.

Like I said for my other Thanksgiving box, I was really hoping for sheet masks! Between the 2 boxes I got 6 masks! Soooo exciting!! I have seen a lot of Pure Smile masks while reading about/watching Memebox unboxings so I was happy to have my own. These masks came in Milk and Strawberry Milk. I tried the Milk one the other night (my very first sheet mask) and my skin felt wonderful afterwards! Now I wish I had even more than 6 masks.

I am absolutely thrilled with these two boxes. For this box, I paid about $24.50 (including shipping) and the retail value of this box was $142 and even though I know Memebox values are a bit inflated, I don’t care. This is my best box yet and I hope that they can keep it up like this because I will definitely keep buying them if they can!

If you would like to make any purchases from Memebox, feel free to use my affiliate link or codes below to do so! These codes are valid until November 29 2014.


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xo Amanda